10 Creative Gift Ideas For Kids

Come the birthday, Holi, Christmas, or any festive occasion; kids put forward a long list of gift items. With lots of options available in the market, you may doubt your choice, whether it would stand-out from the rest and be creative for the kid? To be rest-assured about the gift choice, you can select a gift from the below list, all creative, engaging, and something kids will love. 

  1. Electric Guitar: A cool gift choice for a teenage kid. An electric guitar uses one or more pickups to convert vibrations of the strings into sound. Your kids can get-a hang of guitar hacks before he/she moves to the more complicated traditional guitar. 
  2. Activity Book: An engaging toy for a kid. Activity books come with pages having shapes, designs, alphabets, numerics, along colours. An interactive way to make your kids learn the alphabets, counting, shapes and colours. 
  3. Jewellery Kits: Girls incline jewellery. They are fascinated by beads, stones, and everything fancy. A jewellery kit complete with beads, strings, gems, and a manual book will allow her to create exquisite jewellery pieces like earrings, necklaces, bracelets. 
  4. Kindness Doll: Your little girl has many dolls in her playing room. What makes this one different and unique? It is a kindness doll coming with a kindness kit packed with coins that preach to share love, be kind, practice fairness, and just. Your daughter can pass the coins to her friends to spread the message. The doll is cuddly and sweet. 
  5. Mario Kit Live: Bring your child’s favourite on-screen cartoon character to life with a Mario kart live kit. Your child can create in the room the real course and guide Mario’s cart through it using a gaming console. Your kid will love playing this one, and it will be fun to watch for all the family members. 
  6. Britannica Encyclopedia: A perfect gift for the learning kids to know about their surroundings. Kids encyclopedia by Britannica has illustrations and photography for a better understanding of the science, flora and fauna, history. With the kids being accustomed to a study-from-home scenario, it is a great tool to inculcate knowledge in them from the comfort of their homes. 
  7. Afternoon Tea Stand: Let your kids have a great afternoon tea party with siblings and friends with a gift of this tea-stand. Your child can host tea parties, serve guests, and create new recipes (with the help of parents and siblings). A nice way to inculcate in them the values and habits of how to serve the guests. 
  8. Echo Dot Kids Edition: Get one for your kid’s playroom or bedroom. A Bluetooth speaker with the power of Alexa. You can buy Amazon subscriptions meant for the kids, including games, audiobooks, stories, educational skills. The Echo dot kids edition speakers come in interesting designs appropriate for appealing to the kids. 
  9. Planetarium Projector: Is your kid curious about space? Well, if he or she is, then you can gift this planetarium projector coming with slides. Your child can view and learn about planets, space, stars, and the galaxy from the comfort and convenience of his/her time. 
  10. Gardening Kits: Let the little one’s get their hands dirty in the soil. Gift a gardening kit filled with everything that your child needs to develop green thumbs. Let your child sow seeds and nurture plants for a better tomorrow. 

These ten gift ideas are all different and meant for fulfilling diverse purposes. All these items are creative enough to stimulate your child’s brain and senses. You can shop these online and send gifts in India or from India to abroad. 

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