10 great gift packaging ideas to follow in 2022

Sending gifts to the loved ones on special occasions is a way to express your love and show them that you care about them. The packaging industry has developed so much in the past few years and now there are hundreds of interesting packages that can be used to pack the presents and make them more presentable. But not all the gifts are packed in these readymade casings and even though the life has become much faster than it was in the last decade, people still enjoy to do the wrapping of the presents by themselves for their loved ones. Different types of materials are used for this purpose including fabric, Kraft paper, cardboard gift boxes, PVC sheet, and even newspapers.

The following ten gift packaging ideas will help you to find out incredible concepts to make your wrapping more attractive.

  1. Vibrant envelope

This is an easy, quick, and stylish envelope that can be made out of paper of one colour or different colours depending upon the type of the item that is to be packed in it and also on how young or old is the recipient.

Follow these steps to make this interesting envelope;

Take the paper of the desired colour (one or more colours)

Cut the paper into a circle. Take four round pieces of the same diameter.

Fold the cuttings from the centre and make half circles of them.

Put all the folded pieces together and apply adhesive on their bottom and let the glue dry.

Put the item inside the envelope and close its panels.

Tie them up with a fancy ribbon.

Such an envelope is ideal to wrap up the items that are small in size and light in weight.

  1. Colourful conic pouch

Just like the custom printed gift boxes mark a long-lasting impression on the receiver, these colourful conic pouches also add a lively feeling to the gift items and make them more elegant. Few things are required for this pouch to be prepared at home. The items required are a colourful paper, glittering tape, scissors, a fancy ribbon, and a valuable item to be put inside.

Take the piece of the colourful paper, much better if it is printed.

The dimensions of the piece of the paper should be according to the size of the item that is to be packed in it.

Apply tape on one side of the paper but make sure you apply it on the lengthy side.

Fold it in a round shape and join the lengthy sides with the help of tape.

Take another cutting of tape and apply it on either side of the spherical casing. It will give the sphere a cylindrical shape.

Put in the gift item and close the other side of the cone with the help of tape as well.

Tie a fancy ribbon on the package to give it a striking look.

This type of packaging is best for the items that are round-shaped such as a bottle of champagne or wine.

  1. Reuse the carton

The custom gift boxes wholesale come in different sizes and shapes and they can be reused for several purposes, wrapping a gift item is one of them. These containers are best known for their strength and safety for the items that are put inside them. Reusing the same container is a chance where you can express your aesthetic and artistic skills at their best. These boxes are best for the items that are fragile and need extra protection.

Take a carton that is according to the size of the item that is to be sent to the loved one.

Cut a wrapping paper according to the dimensions of the carton.

Paste the wrapping paper on the carton with the help of a strong adhesive material.

The wrapping can also be done with vinyl sheet or handmade piece of art on the paper.

Let the wrapping dry and settle on the container firmly.

You can also apply the same wrapping paper inside the box to give the recipient an unforgettable unboxing experience.

  1. Reuse the bottle

The wine or champagne bottles can also be used to send presents. They are perfect for the items that are to be displayed later on such as a candle or a photograph.

Cut the bottle according to the size of the candle by using a cutter.

Place the item inside and put together the cut piece using tape or silicon.

The cut piece will work as a door and this glass casing can be used over and over several times.

  1. Fancy beads

A simple envelope of the carton can be embellished with the help of beads that have fallen from your dress or jewellery.

Apply them using a strong adhesive or silicon.

Let them dry then put the present inside and close the opening of the casing with a fancy ribbon.

  1. The simple, the better

Sometimes it is better to do things in a simple way. Simple and plain packaging is the best idea for wrapping the offering when it is to be given to a professional or elderly person.

Use plain black or white paper for this purpose but do not forget that the paper should be matt finished not glossy.

  1. Use your shirts

There might be some shirts in your house that you are not wearing anymore you can use them as a covering for your offering. If you are not okay with covering the article inside the shirt then you might consider cutting out small flowers and pasting them on the simple cellophane to make an economic yet attractive packaging.

  1. Rainbow of threads

There are different colourful threads in every house that you might think unimportant. They can be proved useful for the covering of offerings in a colourful way. Such a package is an ideal choice for the kids especially girls.

  1. Paper smiley

Wrap the present in a simple way and add a paper smiley face on the box. It is an easy, quick, and effective way to decorate the offering.

  1. Ice cream sticks cage

Ice cream sticks, as well as chopsticks, can also be used for the same purpose. They can be shaped like a cage and pyramid according to the shape and size of the gift item. Usually, silicon is used to keep the sticks together firmly.  

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