10 Tips To Increase eCommerce Conversion Rate

Many factors influence a consumer’s online shopping decisions. Therefore, before starting an online business, you should ask yourself, “what should I offer my customers to impress them?”. 

This answer will dictate every step in designing, building, and launching your e-commerce website. To gain success in online business, you should know how to impress your customers and convince them to make purchases. 

Before we forward it is important for you to understand What exactly is Conversion Rate?

A conversion is an action that a website user or visitor performs on a particular website that leads him or her to “become” a customer. Which means that the conversion rate is the overall percentage of visitors to a website who actually convert to the customers.

In the Digital World, the most important conversion is undoubtedly a purchase. Therefore, the conversion rate in ecommerce is the percentage of visitors who complete an entire purchase.

Increasing conversion rate of your eCommerce website means getting more sales with the same amount of traffic. Which also means increasing the profitability of your overall marketing budget.

There are specific strategies that you should adopt and certain activities you should avoid. In this article, we will discuss ten tips to increase the eCommerce Conversion Rate effectively. 

  1. Optimize for Mobile:

With a constant increase in mobile users, it is expected that 54% of e-commerce sales will happen on mobile phones. Therefore, an e-commerce store should perform its best on all devices.

A website that does not have a user-friendly version for mobile devices will lead the users to leave your eCommerce store and shop from others. To prevent this problem, identify and fix the factors leading to the dissatisfaction of mobile users. 

Websites that do not perform well on mobile and tablet devices are less likely to gain a higher ranking on Google. Taking help from a web based eCommerce SEO services is the best mobile option to optimize your website.

2. Increase Site Speed and Page Load Time:

The first fifteen seconds after a user clicks on a website is crucial for CVRs. If the web page fails to load entirely, there is a high chance that the user will click the back button. When they see an attractive page loading in a glimpse, they are tempted to explore the website. 

Optimizing the website for page load speed includes many factors that a web-based e-commerce SEO servicecan quickly look after. 

3. Place Attractive Product Images and Videos:

In brick and mortar stores, customers can see the original products, but they can only see pictures or videos of a product when they are shopping online. Their decision to shop or leave a product depends on their impression after seeing the picture or video of their desired outcome.

High quality and unique product photography make a considerable difference in conversion rates.

4. Moderate Use of CTAs:

Websites with clear call-to-action (CTA) more effectively persuade a customer to make a purchase. The website should guide the customers through the product purchase and payment options. 

The CTA buttons should be visible on the webpage. Use an eye-catching color and size of the controller. Placing more than one button on a page is not a great practice. A Web-basedecommerce SEO servicecan help you in optimizing CTAs.

5. Adding Filters to Product Category Pages: 

We all know that people purchase according to the budget that they allocate for the particular product. Most often, people leave a product when it doesn’t match their allocated budget. Adding filters by price may help them.

Other product filter categories may include new arrivals, most in-demand, featured, discounted, etc.

6. Flexible Discounting Offers:

People not only just buy a product because they need it. Many buying decisions are based on a product’s value for its price simply because they feel that the product is priced reasonably. 

Discounting is a beneficial technique in traditional and online business. You can offer flash sales, seasonal discounts, percentage-off, and loyalty cards.

7. Capture Abandoned Carts:

On average, consumers abandon 69.57% of carts in various e-commerce industries. You can make use of the abandoned cart data to motivate the consumers to complete their purchase. This is done via a series of customized emails. 

8. Display Customer Reviews:

Both positive and negative reviews have their significance. By displaying positive reviews, you build the trust of your potential customers. 

But why negative reviews? Negative reviews lets you understand the problems that your customers encounter after purchasing from your eCommerce store. Resolving these problems for them improves your customer service and provides better products or services in the future. 

9. Create a Flawless Checkout Experience:

Customers prefer websites that have simple one-page checkout. Three main psychological aspects of a smooth user experience with an e-commerce website are:

  • Speed
  • Trust
  • Value 

For a flawless checkout experience, use a web-based ecommerce SEO service.

Other Alternative Payment Methods:

Customers also change their buying decision when they find that the payment method is not feasible for them. So we can say that this is a significant reason behind abandoned carts. Offer them more versatile payment options such as Apple Pay, PayPal balances and Google Play, and others to increase your conversion rates.

The Final Verdict:

Nowadays every person is looking for products online and so the ecommerce industry is booming. It is very much important for your ecommerce website to be optimized enough to provide good user experience to the website visitors. From the website look to its overall performance you need to do your best to compete with your eCommerce competitors in the market.

From website design to payment methods, everything you offer with your eCommerce website must be centered on your customers. The competition among eCommerce stores is expanding and becoming more fierce, and therefore adopting the right digital marketing strategies that facilitate your customers is the only way to increase your eCommerce Conversion Rate in this competitive market.

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