11 Best Small Business Ideas in Dubai for ladies in 2021

Dubai is undoubtedly one of the best business locations for startups and for starting any business conveniently. The Dubai government has allowed 100 per cent foreign ownership of companies which has encouraged an inflow of skilled and trained talent in the land. Women comprise 70 per cent of university graduates and a total of 44 per cent of the workforce. The government continues to provide adequate support to all the businesswomen in the UAE by providing various small business ideas in UAE. 

 With reforms like incentives for female business owners, extended 5 years visas for older professionals, etc., there’s a healthy working environment for both genders. There are several business ideas in Dubai for the ladies, and they can establish their company in the Dubai mainland or the free zones as per their choice. There’s no corporate tax in the free zones for up to 50 years, complete exemption from import and export tax, support services for housing, hiring, sponsoring, and much more. 

The Best Small Business Ideas in Dubai for Ladies 

1. Fashion Designing 

There’s a surge in the number of young women setting up their own fashion business in the UAE. It’s among the most lucrative business opportunities in Dubai, and all you need to do is acquire a trading license for the same. Social media is of great help for listing out the designs of the particular outlets. Dubai has a good inflow of people belonging to diverse cultures, and as a result, there are people of different tastes and interests. Therefore, the fashion industry blooms here because you can express yourself to the fullest through your profession. 

2. Salon Services 

The UAE’S loyal national policy towards foreign entrepreneurs is a perk for private businesses. The salon services don’t only limit to hair, skin, nails, etc., but expand to training and makeup courses and certifications. With a high standard of living, people are starting to take care of personal hygiene and beauty. Being well-groomed and maintained is a need for modern-day society, and who better than the expert ladies in Dubai to care for it. Starting a salon service in Dubai is correct because it’s an evergreen industry with plenty of future scopes. You can connect with the local business consultants in case you need any assistance. 

3. Social Media Management 

Social media is an integral part of everyone’s lives in today’s day and age. Small to large-scale companies have started using social media to advertise and promote their products. It’s among the modern-day business ideas in Dubai, and you need to craft premium content, handle social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, etc., to establish your social media management company. Furthermore, it involves creative thinking, and the ladies who are keen social media users can launch such a business in the UAE. Having a credible social media presence is the need of the hour, so you won’t find any issues in securing clients for your business. For details regarding Social media license, Dubai contact Shuraa Business Consultants.

4. Blogging 

There’s an array of writing genres for all the bloggers in the UAE, including lifestyle, food, fashion to hotels, and adventure. Today, it’s a general practice to search for anything and everything on the internet before making a move. Therefore, informative blogs play a crucial role in the tourism industry too. It’s a freelancing job, and you can do it as a full-time employee too, with a handsome income. The lifestyle of Dubai is eye-catching, and it’s a great place for lifestyle bloggers. The travel guide blogs are of great help to tourists. Women bloggers can provide insights for all the ladies out there on how to go about travelling in the UAE or write on anything they love to share with their audience. 

5. Bakery Shop 

For women who love baking, opening a bakery is among the amazing business ideas in Dubai for ladies. Baking is an art and requires a lot of skill to master. Most of the occasions go incomplete without cakes, and the trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. Small muffins, pastries, cookies are also something people love, and women can innovate these offerings with their creative ideas. Moreover, it’s always a pleasure to earn money by doing something you love. 

6. Coffee Shop 

Cost-effective business ventures in Dubai don’t get any better than a self-owned coffee shop. If you’re an up-and-coming lady entrepreneur with high business admirations but a tight budget, you should open a coffee shop if you want to target the food industry. It ranks among the best business opportunities in Dubai, and the process to launch such a venture is pretty straightforward. You can get in touch with the business experts at Shuraa, and we’ll help you open your dream company in the UAE. 

7. Yoga/Dance Classes 

The importance of health hidden from none, and we have all realized it because of the ongoing pandemic. Yoga helps you build a strong immunity system, and you’re able to achieve mental fitness too. Moreover, you can combine the yoga classes with dance or zumba sessions to diversify your business offering in Dubai. Ladies are typically more fond of yoga and dancing, so it’s only fair that they make the most of their skills. 

8. Homemade Food Business 

The ladies who have magic in their hands and want to explore the food industry in the UAE can start a tiffin service, food truck, or anything else after obtaining the associated business license. It’s a lucrative small-scale business and is a need for working people or bachelors who have a busy schedule. Since people stay away from their homeland, they crave homemade food. If you think you can solve this problem, you should get started with your homemade food business in Dubai.

 9. Event Management 

Dubai has a great chain of hotels, beautiful architecture, and breathtaking views, making event management one of the better business ideas in Dubai. People want to celebrate their special occasions in an attractive and organized manner, and your event management venture can help them with the same. Events are also organized for product launches and advertisements. Being a lady event planner, you can learn a lot from other event managers to refine your skills. You should go for this industry if you’re a management expert. The events range from seminars, conferences, award nights, movie promotions, weddings, award functions, and many others. 

10. Online Tutoring 

After the breakout of the Covid-19 pandemic, online teaching and tutoring has come to the fore and ensured that the education sector continues to blossom. You can become an e-tutor in the UAE, and you’ll need to submit your qualification documents to the DED for the same. It’s advantageous as there’s no need to commute as long as you and the student have access to the internet. 

11. Day Care Services 

Today’s demanding lifestyle implies that in most families, you’ll find working parents. Even the parents agree that they are unable to dedicate the desired time to their child or children. Therefore, offering affectionate daycare services can be one of the best business ideas in Dubai for ladies. If you love to handle children and think that you can manage them well, this is the ideal business stream for you. 

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