12-Step Guide to Select a Real Estate Drone Photography Company

Drones, also technically known as remote-controlled or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), have been in use since the 1850s. During the Italian revolutionary war, Austria used explosives attached to balloons to attack Venice. Since then, drone technology has changed manifold. Today, they’re being used for many other purposes including real estate drone photography.

12-Step Selection Guide to Follow

The earliest drones used were pigeons. Yes, automatic exposure cameras were attached to the pigeons and the images got captured. As the technology advanced further the cameras were attached to remote-controlled planes and thus drones were developed.

Here are 12 steps to follow when selecting a drone photography company.

Licensed Real Estate Drone Photography Company

Operating a drone is more of a technical job that requires a specific skillset and technology. The drone photography company should have a license that confirms the validity and legitimacy.

Apparatus and Equipment Is Insured

Insurance of the equipment and apparatus means that the company will be responsible to pay for the damages to the drone. The reason given is that the cause of accidents is because of the misjudgment of the pilot.

Drone Operators Skilled in Their Experience

Uniformed people always say that operating a drone is the same as playing a game. But when they face the reality, they realize it is much difficult. Operating a drone involves not just flying it, but also taking perfect pictures. So, the operators should be experienced in their skills.

Critically Analyzing Previously Completed Projects

Checking the results of the previous projects completed by the company is important. This reveals a lot about the quality of work and the level of commitment. Good reviews and comments must be taken into consideration.

Approved Flight Permission

All best agencies providing drone photography including 360 Nash should have a permit to fly the drone in the city they are providing the service. This is vital because other aircraft know about the drone’s flight plane.

Going Through the Services Provided

Drone photography doesn’t not only involve taking photographs; but also, many clients demand to have videos of the property. So, the company should have both photograph and video shooting services.

All Drones Are in Perfect Working Condition

Confirming that all drones are working perfectly is crucial because you don’t want your clients to never come back to you for the services.

Excellent Industry Know-How

The Real Estate Drone Photography agency should know everything about drone photography. This includes the purpose of photography, strategies to improve the business, and searching for innovative ways.

Cost-Effect Price for Services

Many times, the cost of the services of a company is higher than others because they are using advanced equipment. Other agencies have the latest equipment, but they are offering affordable prices to the clients.

Good Judgement of Flight Hazards

The drone operators have to be aware of the hazards and risks involved in flying a drone. Also, they must know the tactics to safely fly the drone. This is possible only if the operator is well-experienced.

Hand-Over Results in Correct Format

Mainly two kinds of photography are done; photographs and video. But the client has specific requirements of the quality of photography. The company must hand over what is required of them.

Reserve Staff Always on Call

Companies providing Real Estate Drone Photography must hire extra operators. This is essential for the main reason that many times the usual operators are not available and the reserve pilots can be called to duty.

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