2021 Remote Staff: Work from Home Security Tips

We have managed to experience the biggest remote working experiment in the new year but are we still ready to continue living like this? Well, the reports that are coming are pretty alarming. As per the senior computer network manager of a global financial services company, cyberattacks are now bombarding from all directions.

Without giving his surname, Peter, the computer network manager, told a news network that staff is getting an email sent to them by hackers pretending to be from the company asking them to reset their password and then log-in to their accounts.

He added that workers are now being tricked into downloading viruses sent from the hackers, which turn into ransomware. This energy-striking revelation by Peter shows the real picture of remote working. The cyberattack situation was getting worse in the past few years, but the lockdown and work from home made it even more critical.

It has become much harder for companies to monitor work equipment and information used by an employee on their staff, such as which website they are accessing or which kind of stuff they are downloading. While companies have tried their best to address the cybersecurity concerns in the past year but the cyber threats have not stopped.

And now that we have to spend time in 2021, we have realized that the lesson from the past or not very concerning for the remote working employees. Therefore, it is important to address the whole situation regarding cybersecurity concerns once again from scratch to your remote workers.

Here are the following tips that you need to share with your remote working staff and colleagues to save them and the company from destruction:

Secure Your Home Office

Now that we are working from home, the responsibility of managing the office is on your shoulders. Creating a home office is a big deal. Not only does it require essentials such as a good chair, desk, and perfect lighting but also security.

Having a secure network comes first. A home office can not be completed or even begun without having a secure internet connection. Most of the people would invest heavily into buying a comfortable chair or their back or noise-canceling headphones for their home office but would think a lot into buying a secure internet connection.

Having a secure intent connection will not demand a fortune if you found the right internet service.

However, with packages from Spectrum internet, you will get high-speed internet service at affordable rates. Similar to its Spectrum Silver Package for cable customers, the service provider also offers great deals for internet users. 

Apart from this, make sure your home office is safe from physical disturbances. For instance, make sure your office laptops are not accessible by people living in your home.

Make sure you lock your door and keep your workplace separate from your home.

Secure Home Router

Having a secure internet connection is not all.

The time we are living has made us more dependent on internet connection. Not only are we relying on our internet for office work but also for our personal needs. This high surge of home internet can make it insecure.

The first step is to make your router is secure. For this, you need to frequently change the password of your home router. Other than this make sure that your devices are also protected through a strong password and two-factor authentication.

Separate Your Work Space

Having a separate workstation is extremely necessary for you to continue to work from home for the rest of the year.

At the beginning of the lockdown and the sudden shift to remote work took everyone by surprise. We were unprepared to the maximum. This abruptness resulted in working from every corner of the home, sometimes even outside of the home.

However, now in 2021, the situation should be different for many, especially for the worker that has an understanding of how their companies are going to operate in this year.

Keep Software Up to Date

Any software or web browser can be explored by hackers and used to damage your company. While most of the modern software comes with security patches automatically but it is always important to manually see if any update is required in your devices.

This will help you play your part in protecting the devices and help in blocking ways for any malicious activity.

Key Takeaways

Keeping your devices encrypted, software up to date, and a lot more is required to do remote working securely in 2021.

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