3 questions you must ask before finalizing security guard services

Every business is very particular about its safety. And for the same, there are many security guard services in Malaysia and around the globe. However, not all of them are as reliable. This is why it becomes quintessential to know the difference between an authentic and reliable security guard services company and an unreliable one.

It is just that due to increasing cases of breach and theft, many people see a lot of opportunity in the security industry and so they jumped on the opportunity to make the most out of it. Infact many of the security guard services provided in Malaysia or elsewhere aren’t even the experts or have outdated or no license. So, in this blog, we are here to help you sense which security guard services provider you should hire and which you shouldn’t. This would help you invest in the right company and give your company and people the protection they deserve.

Let’s start. Below are the 3 questions you can ask them.

What is the basis for selection at your security guard services company?
The attrition rate is quite high in the security service companies already. And it is because their job screening process is futile. They don’t take proper interviews before hiring, when the performance is not up to the mark, they fire. This question is important to ask because this isn’t just about their company, it might involve your company as well if you select them.

The ideal procedure should be dynamic, involve various procedures and a criminal background check must be a part of it.

You can further extend the question and ask if they are conducting background checks. This will ensure that only the candidates who are the right fit for the position are hired. Besides, you can also ask the security guard services in Malaysia if they are checking up with the previous employers of those people from whom they have received the applications for any vacancy in their company. It is expected of security guards to be on time, relieve the colleagues timely, and leave only when their shift ends. You should also demand to see their drug test reports so that you know if that has been conducted or not.

What is your training process like?

Depending on the state the training process may vary, but some things are so basic that they will be a part of training everywhere. So, if you are hiring a security guard in Malaysia then you should definitely customise this question as per your requirements. Also, you will be in a better position to judge how good or bad their answer is when you get yourself updated on the requirements as per your region.

Listen to their answer carefully and tell them if their security guards would be able to handle business needs like handling special equipment and technology. You can expand the answer on the basis of the nature of your business and your requirements and expectations from the security guard services in Malaysia or elsewhere.

How are they thinking of aligning their staff with your security needs?
This is a great closing question to your conversation with the security guard services company personnel. This will help you understand how proactive they are, what their plan is for you. This will help you understand how responsive, active and considerate towards potential and existing clients the company of security guard services in Malaysia you are in talks with, is. 

At this point of time it would be worth noting if they are asking you enough questions in return as well or not. If they are not asking how many exit gates you have or entry points you have that you want to be covered and other things then you should rethink your choice. 

These were the three questions that you can ask to understand. But we would still suggest you to do your research and know your requirements in detail as well. All we are trying to say here is that there are a lot of other questions that you can end up asking and knowing the right answers to, if you delve a little more as you would not want to take an uninformed decision. Moreover, it would be great to talk to their references and check their Google reviews.

If this blog helped you, let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share this with your friends in business. This can benefit them as well.

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