3 Tips for Quickly Passing the CCNA Exam

Now the university graduates still face the constitutive employment difficult problem, and obtaining IT certification is also very important for other people with low education background. I am a high school student, majoring in computer. I have also studied Cisco certification for more than a year, and I have some knowledge of network. Now we have finished learning CCNA, how can we get the certification of CCNA as soon as possible? You must go for CCNA Training in Oslo to improve your experience. We hope the following personal experience can help you.

Understand the knowledge points

Choosing materials is very important to the success of the exam. If you participate in training, it may not be a problem. If you are self-taught, choosing right materials is very important. You need to get the official information of Cisco Press, which needs you to collect widely. You need to understand that the scope of Cisco examination is very wide.

In the process of learning, you should pay attention to methods, and more importantly, you need perseverance. If you have relevant work experience, it may be easier to learn, otherwise, you need to pay more efforts.

Examination is to test your study, and it is also the key. You need to adjust yourself well. In the CCNA 200-301 exam, you should never give up, and maintain self-confidence until the last question. During the course of the exam, you will definitely encounter things you are not familiar with, or even have no contact with. Don’t be nervous. Because your goal is not to get full marks, the important thing is to do well in every subject you know. If you make mistakes in the general idea of the subject you know, and those you don’t know are also wrong, the consequences will be predicted.

After fully mastering the basic knowledge of the certification examination, the simulated test can only help to review the knowledge points in a random way.

Learn with Cisco’s book

Books must be read carefully, and there must be no fluke. You must be clear about the concept, for “change is inseparable from its origin”! No matter how difficult the questions are, they will not deviate from the principle. Read the original CISCO book. If your foundation of the network is good, then you don’t read Chinese version of the book.

Cisco’s options are easy to blur and uncertain. If you are not clear about the concept, such as some details, it is easy to for you to feel that every statement makes sense when you look at its options, and it is not easy to choose. Therefore, you must pay full attention to the key concepts and the details mentioned in the teaching materials when preparing. In the selection, you should have confidence in your own memory. Don’t change your first choice at will. The other point is IOS operation. Commands will be listed to let you choose. It is easier to choose some customary syntax and general parameter order of IOS command. The last point is that the exam cannot be backward, that is, after a problem is over, it can no longer look back, so it is necessary to understand and see the problem clearly. The feature of concept problem is that the situation it describes is not the key to the problem. The point is the essence of the question. It will not tell you to rely on the concept in clear language, but it is concerned with the right one by beating around the bush. But to choose the correct answer, you should see the key concept it actually designs. The whole exam time is very abundant, with 65 questions in 105 minutes, and it takes generally 40-50 minutes to complete. But To repeat a previous point, you should be careful to the greatest extent.

Study and practice with multiple materials

1. CCNA Certification Study Guide, Volume 2: Exam 200-301, is absolutely of great importance. You need to read it carefully, especially to understand the basic concepts. Hands on Labs at the end of each chapter must be operated by hand and familiar with its results.

2. CCNA requires a deep understanding of Cisco’s private operating system IOS (Internetworking Operating System). A Router Simulator is very necessary. There are many good Router Simulators. For example, CCNA virtual laboratory published by Sybex authorized electronic industry press is very good. It can create a virtual environment (two 2600 fuel dispensers and one 1900 switch) and you can gain practical experience in configuring routers and switches.

3. Exercises. Before the exam, I finished three sets of CCNA practice exams, about 600 questions, mostly concept questions, which were similar to the actual CCNA exam questions. Through these exercises, I gained a lot. 

To be honest, the simulation questions of SPOTO are very similar to the CCNA exam questions. As long as you practice more, you will know the questions and types of the exam very well. So I hope that when you review, you can review more carefully and cover a larger area. But you don’t have to study some parts too deeply. The examination requirements of CCNA always stay at the primary level. This website https://cciedump.spoto.net/ is very helpful for me. The experience of candidates, the download of CCNA dumps and the simulator of examination questions are very helpful for me to pass the CCNA examination quickly and get the CCNA certification.

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