4 Excellent Abandoned Cart SMS & WhatsApp Hacks for Your Ecommerce Store

Ecommerce stores have been plagued by online cart abandonment issues since their inception. The average cart abandonment rate is now at 69 percent. Prominent stores with more resources may put more effort into preventing online cart abandonment, which is time-consuming and costly. So, how about the new store and the stores with few resources? 

As a result, abandoned cart SMS and WhatsApp Messages have been the best thing to happen to eCommerce stores all over the world. Because the best abandoned cart SMS and WhatsApp Messages can assist you in recovering your cart and converting it into revenue regardless of your resources. It is extremely simple and inexpensive. All you need to do is create a cart recovery campaign and send abandoned cart SMS and WhatsApp Messages that have been enhanced with some of the best cart recovery SMS hacks for 2022.

Learn the Hacks!

Abandoned cart SMSs are the most effective way to persuade customers to retrieve their carts because SMSs engage with customers more effectively. However, in order for these best abandoned cart SMSs to work flawlessly, you must enhance them by employing some of the most recent abandoned cart SMS tactics if you want to maximize conversion.

Hack 1: Choose the Right Plugin 

Okay, let’s start at the beginning: you’ll need a cart recovery plugin first, and only then will you be able to optimize your abandoned cart SMSs with the most recent hacks. Your first task is to select the appropriate cart recovery plugin; it should have default templates, be automated with SMS capture features, and so on. Whatso is one such cart recovery app with a proven track record of recovering abandoned carts.

Whatso WooCommerce Cart Abandoned Recovery Plugin – If you use the “abandoned recovery” plug-in, you’ll be able to send WhatsApp messages to these users so that they can come back to your store and pay for their order. Improve your revenue and help you get customers who were about to pay but changed their minds because of things like not having enough money on hand, the internet not working, or someone knocking on the door. This plugin can help you do both of these things.

Hack 2: Subject Line 

Any SMS’s subject line must be interesting enough to make the customer click and open it right away. People open SMSs based on the subject line, which is why more attention should be paid to it.

If your subject line is bad, customers won’t read your SMS even if it looks good. 

So, your main goal here is to get more people to open your SMSs, and you can do that by following this list of best SMS subject line practices. 

  • Be clear and concise. 
  • Get to know the person you’re talking to. Do not use emojis. 
  • Don’t use words that aren’t real. 
  • Take care not to fall for promises that aren’t true. 
  • Make fun of yourself with care. 
  • When you ask a question, try to think of something that 
  • Getting a good deal makes you want to go now. 

People send Abandoned cart SMSs with a lot of different types of subject lines, and you can learn more about them here! Customers are more likely to open marketing SMSs that have abandoned cart subject lines in them, it is said. If you follow these tips, you should be able to write a great subject line for your marketing SMSs, too.

Hack 3: Work the CTA

With your enticing SMS copy, you’ve caught the recipient’s attention. How will you turn them into a customer now? This is where the CTA button comes in. It should be appealing enough to make the customer click on it and come back to your store. 

Every time you see a call to action button, keep in mind that they play a big part in turning a lead into a customer. So, you need to make sure it works well. If you don’t want to use boring Buy now or Get now CTAs, use something more interesting.

In this case, a unique CTA that talks directly to the customer is better than the typical “Buy now” type. CTAs have their own set of rules, and we’ve written them down so that you can make the best CTA for your Abandoned cart sms. 

  • Use words that can make the reader do something. 
  • Use at least three to four words. 
  • FOMO can be made with the text. Use bright colors to make it stand out. 
  • When writing, use bigger text. 
  • It should be above the fold. 

Remember that your SMS must always support the CTA, so if it doesn’t, change or remove it. Low-commitment CTAs should be used to get more people to click on them, like “view your cart,” “Shop sale.”

Hack 4: Time it Well

One of the most important parts of your SMS is when you send it. When are you sending these best abandoned cart SMS? Many abandoned cart recovery campaigns have failed because they were sent at the wrong time. 

Make sure your abandoned cart SMSes are sent at the right frequency, too. You’re not going to send just one SMS, you’re going to send a lot. Experts say that the faster you send SMSes to customers who have left their carts, the more likely they are to buy.

In that case, here is the best way to send your cart abandonment SMSs at the right time. 

  • After one hour, the first text came. 
  • Another SMS came the next day after someone left their cart. 
  • The third text came two days after the customer left the cart. 
  • After five days, the fourth text came. 
  • A week after people left their carts, the fifth text came. 

Isn’t it too much to send five best SMSs to people who haven’t bought something? You might think so. Well, it’s not easy to get customers who left their carts to change their minds about you. It takes a lot of time, patience, and a lot of SMSs about people who leave their carts.


You are not alone if shopping cart abandonment is one of your major issues. Don’t believe there’s nothing you can do about it. You may help browsers become clients by employing clever methods. There are numerous approaches to dealing with this problem. Whatever path you decide to take, Whatso abandoned cart recovery plugin can assist you. 

According to research undertaken by a renowned firm, 70% of customers who abandon their shopping basket do so because they have decided not to buy. As a result, 70% of your website visitors are unlikely to complete a purchase. However, it also means that roughly 30% of visitors got side tracked during a purchase and didn’t finish the transaction on your website.

Whatso WooCommerce cart Abandoned recovery plugin will send a WhatsApp message to these users reminding them to return to your store and complete the order payment. This plugin can significantly increase your revenue and assist you in converting those clients who were on the point of making a purchase but were diverted due to factors such as a lost payment card, a downed internet connection, or a knock at the door.

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