4 Modern marvels of machine learning

Machine learning as the term suggests, involved training and designing a tool before deployment. Thanks to the advancements in the computer sciences and allied disciplines, machine learning has become mainstream. Well coded and trained tools are achieving miracles in multiple sectors. Traffic, disaster management and healthcare are the key areas being benefited by the blessings of machine learning. However, due to ethical concerns, we are not being able to extract the full potential we have in terms of the deployment of machine learning tools. Despite all the limitations, machine learning managed to achieve feats unparalleled compared to many things in human history. These marvels are undoubtedly the source of pride for multiple generations to come. This article will try its best to shed light on some of those marvels.

Automated traffic regulation

In large cities, it is important to keep track of traffic and point out those who seem to ignore the regulatory authority completely. A task, humanly impossible. No matter what, perfection cannot be achieved in these scenarios. And imperfection in traffic regulation will translate directly to collateral damage. Machine learning in the sector is the harbinger of safety and perfection. By utilization of computer vision, machine learning tools are easily marking and prosecuting rogue drivers. Additionally, the management of speed and emergency services on the road is very well handled by the machine learning tools deployed for the service of city traffic.

Self-driving cars and kitchens

We are well aware of Tesla and its genius products, even if many of us will not ever own one of them. Self-driving cars seem like an impossible phenomenon, but fortunately, it is now a reality. These cars are trained to learn without human supervision and take up the job gradually so that damage and accidents can be avoided. Armed with state of the art navigation equipment, these vehicles are best suited to ease up the daily toil of traffic.

Preparation of food engulfs a lot of time in our daily routine. In the fast-paced life eating well-cooked delicious food has almost become a luxury. But thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence we now have kitchens able to process food completely unsupervised. Both logistics and flooding are poised to become completely hassle-free, decreasing fatigue and increasing the value of human labour.

Targeted marketing

Given the prospects of employment in the field, a certification in machine learning can save one’s livelihood from certain doom. This is only bolstered by the massive lean noticed in the commercial sectors after the emergence of covid19. Thanks to the abundance of user data, good machine learning tools can figure out the preferences and even the needs of a targeted individual. Just by studying purchase patterns, and expenditure preferences, machine learning tools can even make predictions. Thus advertisements can be shown to only the most relevant and most likely willing individuals. This precise marketing effort not only ensures a maximum reach but also heightened chances of customer engagement. A marvel, undoubtedly beneficial for the existing commercial entities.

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