5 Best App Alternatives to Use Instead of Novation Launchpad

Whether you want to remix your high school favourites or create a news track all by yourself, Novation Launchpad is a fantastic choice!

Using Launchpad, you can assign buttons, knobs and faders to any parameter with a MIDI-compatible musical software. With that being said, the device compatibility comes mostly with Mac, PC or iOS gadgets. But don’t lose heart just yet!

There are many apps available that will assist you in customising music using the keyboard Launchpad on any device software.

What Is Novation Launchpad?

Novation Launchpad is an app that lets you create music on your iPad and iPhone. The panel has an intuitive 8×6 grid which you can trigger up to 8 loops and add on to create a symphony using its huge sound library. Essentially, the app receives the signals from the hardware to create electronic music, clip launching, loop making and effects.

To be precise, this is a leading music app for budding musicians who want to keep their investment limited on the tools. The ‘symphony’ of the Novation hardware and software enables the artists worldwide to reward the world with exemplary rhythms!

What Are the Apps You Can Use Other Than Launchpad?

As impressive as the Novation app is, the limited applicability of different platforms can be a downer. However, there are a number of applications you can use for your music production!

1.      iMPC

If you’re a fan of the classic Akai Pro MPC, you will definitely love this app! With 1200 samples, 50 editable programs, 80 customisable sequences and the all-time favourite MPC workflow, get ready to enjoy your musical journey. The application also supports iPhones and iPad. However, you will have to pay to get the software on your system.

2.      SPC – Music Sketchpad

Music knows no bounds with SPC! You can mix, record, perform and play your tracks whichever way you prefer using the app’s technology. Basically, the sketchbook gives your musical creativity wings.

The best part is – the app is available for Android users as well, and all you have to do is pay and purchase!

3.      uFXloops Music Studio

If you’re a beginner, uFXloops is the best Andriod app to begin your musical journey with. The application is in tune with your needs and makes the entire process of creation super simple. So, you can synthesise your rhythms any way you prefer in the most straightforward manner using this freemium app!

4.      RD4 Groovebox

Do you want a digital audio workstation to create art whenever and wherever?

With RD4, you can turn your tablet or phone into a musical instrument. On top of this, the virtual analog synthesisers, drum machines, and effects help you compose the groovy music you want. As such, the Groovebox is a freemium app that is compatible with Android, iPhone, tablet and iPad.

5.     Beat-J

As the name shows, with the app, you can convert your Android into a studio and produce unique variations of hip hop, rap, R&B etc. So, with a few touches, add your creativity and convert familiar rhythm into an “offbeat” Instagram-worthy trend!

Novation Launchpad is a brilliant app that lets your creativity out without any requirement of a physical music studio. But, the incompatibility with the Android devices makes it difficult for the creators to explore the musical realm using the keyboard Launchpad. But not anymore! Using these Novation alternatives, you can comfortably carry a digital studio in your pocket now!

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