5 major sleeve boxes design trends you can’t ignore

Due to competition in different businesses, marketers have devised various ways to customize their packaging designs. In the case of box sleeve, they also have numerous options for customization. Their customized forms can help a brand’s products look different from others. Following are some major sleeve boxes designs that you can’t ignore. 

Boxes with die-cut windows 

It is the main goal of each brand to catch people’s eyes and impress them. There are many brands using sleeve boxes for their products. Due to the increased usage of these boxes, customization has become more important. One of the best trends that are becoming famous is the addition of die-cut windows to these boxes. Many brands get custom sleeve boxes with die-cut windows. These windows allow people to see inside the boxes. It is an effective way of winning people’s attention leading to impulsive purchasing. Some brands enhance the value of their packaging sleeves by adding custom-shaped windows in the top panel. There are various windows such as square, rectangular, triangular, or others. You may create heart-shaped windows or round windows. They look impressive while present in the stores.

Base panel with multiple segments 

You may know that the sleeve boxes consist of one base panel and a top panel. The base panel slides into the top panel, and the top panel keeps it safe from different damages. There are numerous ways to customize the base panel. It may come with multiple segments inside it. Two, three, or more segments can be created inside the base panel. These multiple segments can help keep different types of products in the same package. It also helps in arranging products to look professional. Another way of customization is the addition of custom inserts or placeholders. They can help hold the encased items tightly and prevent them from moving out of the box. They can also reduce their mobility and keep them from bumping.

Foil stamping and embossing 

Sleeve boxes wholesale are also made eye-catching by using different tactics. One of the best tricks for increasing their attractiveness is foil stamping. There are different types of foil stamping, such as gold stamping, silver stamping, or copper stamping. Do you know how it can make the product boxes eye-catching? You can use this technique for imprinting the name, logo, or slogan of your brand. You can also use this technique for imprinting different types of drawings or artwork. Embossing can be another way to make them attractive. You can raise the text or images against the background in this technique. You can emboss logo, text, or artwork. Many companies use these techniques to make their product sleeve elegant and impressive.

Sleeve boxes with inside printing 

Some brands have also utilized boxes with inside printing. Different brands may have different preferences when it comes to printing. Inside printing is used for either surprising the audience or printing essential instructions. For example, you may print details of some reward or lucky draw. You may provide instructions about how to enter the lucky draw. There may be instructions to use the packaged product. There may also be important details about the product. For example, you can print the list of ingredients of the product. You can also provide specialized quotes to relate the boxes with the occasion, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas. Inside printing is the best way of impressing the audience. 

Boxes with printed patterns and drawings 

Due to increased competition, different brands have devised different strategies to stand out. They may print their sleeve package to set their products apart from other brands. These boxes may come with eye-catching printed content. They may come with printed patterns. Do you know about patterns? They are mathematical shapes such as squares, triangles, or others. They can be printed in chains on the boxes to give an appealing outlook. Some brands also print different types of drawings on their boxes. Floral drawings or line drawings can help to effectively enhance their catchiness. Printing eye-catching content on the boxes can be the best way of attracting customers and boosting sales.

There are numerous design trends for sleeve boxes. Box sleeve can be customized in various ways. Different businesses consider their products and their dimensions for customizing their sleeve boxes. Different businesses have introduced different ways of customization. They look elegant and help grab the attention of people entering the retail stores.

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