5 most important preparation needed before a wedding party

You wedding is special to you and so is the party that you throw after it. Whether you throw a wedding party on the same day as your wedding or keep it on a separate date, you host the party to involve the people you love to share the happiness of you getting married to your partner. Hence, it is important to organize it a manner which allows not just you to have a good time and click great pictures, but also allows your family and your guests to enjoy themselves and soak in the momentous celebration of your wedding. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to fret about every little detail of the wedding party. Just take care or hire someone to take care of the most important preparations listed below and you’re good to go. 

Wedding reception venue

The venue will be the place where you will be hosting the party after your wedding. Make sure that you opt for a place that is spacious and can accommodate the number of people you plan to invite. The decoration of the venue is also important to highlight the occasion being celebrated. Choose the appropriate kind of flowers and lights depending on your tastes and depending upon the time of the party, whether it will take place during the day or night.


Will the venue require tents, furniture, extra lights, and speakers for music or a constructed dance floor? Make sure to assess the venue space and visualize how you want it to look so that you can hire rentals to help you set up the space for your wedding party. Planning in advance can help you get a good deal on the rentals for your reception. 

Wedding cake

It is tradition for most couples to cut a wedding cake during the wedding reception. If you and your partner want to follow this tradition then make sure to order your wedding cake well in advance. The shape and design of a wedding cake has evolved since the ancient times, but the traditional wedding cake is a white buttercream tiered cake with a decoration on top which can be a miniature couple or a ring which resembles your lab grown diamonds rings. You can choose a wedding cake that matches your style and cut it as a couple during the reception.

Food and beverages

The highlight of your wedding reception will be the food and beverages that you serve your guests. The menu doesn’t have to be elaborate, just keep it basic but flavourful. Make sure to taste the food before you place an order with the caterers. Having alcohol at your party is your call and you may eliminate it as per your choice.

Photographer and Videographer

As mentioned before, the wedding reception is the celebration of your special wedding, hence you would naturally want to capture it in the most beautiful way possible. So don’t forget to hire someone to make videos and click pictures of the happy moments. You could opt for the same photographer and videographer who captured your pre wedding video and the moment your partner proposed you with a ring he bought from the Hatton gardens Jewellers.

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