5 the most important Kiev travel advice

In order to visit Ukraine and have an educational and relaxing experience, we would highly recommend getting advice from locals first due to the situation in Ukraine at the moment. Moreover, Kiev tour guides will certainly help you out – their working environment is evolving – so do they.

What attracts tourists to Kiev?

First of all, prices. It is arguably one of the cheapest countries in Europe, where entertainment, food and accommodation cost less and the quality is second to none. 

Therefore, it is a very popular destination for those who want to celebrate a birthday, bachelorette party or just escape for a weekend if you by any chances are from somewhere close.

5 Useful tips for travelers around Kiev


The main attractions are within walking distance if you stay in the center. However, public transport here is varied, frequent and very cheap, so you can choose between tram, bus, train or metro. 

Using a taxi is not advisable, as drivers tend to rob tourists, but a great alternative is Uber or Uklon mobile apps, and you will pay just 2 to 4 euros for even longer distances.

Mobile internet

As Ukraine does not belong to the European Union, mobile data from any EU operators can be extremely expensive. 

We offer to buy a local SIM card upon arrival at the airport in Kiev. You will pay € 3 for 3GB of internet and € 6 for unlimited internet.

Currency exchange

1 euro equals ~ 32 UAH, money can be exchanged at the airport, but in the city exchange offices offer a better rate. Anyway, if you run out of money, there are a lot of currency exchanges in the city that you will definitely notice from the billboards.

To avoid walking with a calculator we offer to divide the prices in hryvnia by 30 – you get an approximate price.

What to bring back home for your relatives?

Of course, you can buy traditional items – magnets, postcards and pendants with Kiev symbols, but we recommend that you visit the world-famous Roshen candy stores.

Roshen is headquartered in Kiev, so specialty stores offer a wide range of sweets and great prices. You can bring tobacco products to smokers – in Ukraine they are three times cheaper.


Kiev does have many known hotels such as Radisson, Hilton, InterContinental or Fairmont Grand. But keep in mind that due to the name of the hotel the prices could be considered too high for a non-business traveler. It should range between 150 to 300 euros per night.

For individual travelers it could be too expensive, thus there is an alternative. Local hotels in most cases are cheaper or you can even book an AirBnB apartment or room to save up.

Also, it is really popular in Kyiv for services such as daily rent in the city center among foreigners. You can find such service online through websites such as Dobovo, Booking.com or as mentioned above AirBnB.

Prices for such service range between 20-80 euros per night which is considerably a decent price when taking into account prices in different places in the world. Most likely you will be able to find a small and cozy, full of furniture apartment in the city center for 50 euros per night.

What you need to visit:

National Opera and Ballet Theater

Luxuriously looking and praised for its acoustics, the theater must become your attraction when visiting Kiev. 

Located in the city center, the building will surprise you with its glowing interior details and splendor. In addition, opera, concert and ballet ticket prices here are just ridiculous – for example, you can watch a performance from the balcony for just 3 euros.

The quality of the performances is second to none for events in other countries, so choose the one you want to see an opera, ballet or concert on the official website, buy tickets online and go watch the cultural event. 

If you do not speak Russian, choose ballet, and other events are suitable for those who are proficient.

The deepest subway underground

By saying the deepest, we mean the whole world! Believe us, the impressive feeling of descending 105.5 m down the escalator at a fairly high speed is incredible. 

This is the depth at the Arsenalna underground station, so we offer at least one attraction to take the metro. In addition, it will cost you just 5 hryvnia (less than 20 euro cents).

Excursion to Chernobyl

Aren’t you interested in moving back to the tragic year 1986, when the Chernobyl power plant in Pripet exploded? 

Walks around abandoned buildings, an amusement park and a place untouched by people for a long time will be remembered for a long time. It is not for nothing that a tour of Chernobyl on the Tripadvisor website is rated as the TOP 1 experience for those wishing to leave outside the city of Kiev. 

You can choose a day or two tour with an English or Russian speaking guide and all security features. Prices start from 50 euros, and you can choose from many tour guides online or on your way to Kiev.

Restaurants across whole Kyiv

In Kiev, you will find many restaurants that represent Ukraine in the old days, where you will feel as if in the past – large black-and-white TVs, antique tablecloths and dish services, and other antique attributes will evoke a smile and memories. You can order a Kiev cutlet, borscht, kissel, honey cake and other dishes.

Bar “Palace No. 6”

For those going to have fun, we suggest not to miss the famous Palace No. 6 bar. 

What makes it so special? 

Due to the unexpected environment – here the waitresses dressed in nurses, the bartenders – doctors, and you will drink cocktails from tubes. You can also order extreme cocktails at the bar, which you can enjoy with your burning helmet on.

In conclusion

It is much easier to travel if you are prepared for it properly. Thus, we hope that this article will help you somehow and you will be delighted to visit this great country!
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