5 Things you must consider when purchasing a property

Among the most daunting decisions of life, purchasing a property dominates the list. Since you’re making such a hefty investment, it’s normal to be cautious. Besides being frightening, it’s an emotional call as well. So, if you allow your sentiments to overtake your senses, you might fall prey to several mistakes that almost every investor makes, at least once. 

Ideally, home ownership owns far-reaching implications, so it’s imperative to keep your emotions aside and reach the most rational decision possible. Regardless if you find properties in Dubai or elsewhere, the following considerations will come in handy.

  • Look out for Damp and scratches.

When visiting the property, scan for any signs of dampness. Some of the most apparent ones include a weird smell, flaky plaster, and watermarked ceilings. While it sounds obvious, you must observe the ceilings and walls closely. Another clue might be a fresh paint coat covering the damp. 

Are you looking for any structural cracks as well? Consider it where the extensions join. For instance, end-of-terrace walls, bay windows, and edges of the ceilings. Property cracks are usually found where there’s a joining.

  • Determine Storage spaces

As valuable as storage spaces are, they’re often overlooked by home buyers. After all, where will you keep the vacuum cleaner, space tools, towels, and boxes of junk? In addition, you’ve to determine if there’s room for cupboards or built-in shelves to keep your books. Previously, it wasn’t a necessity due to the go-downs, yet modern households don’t work without storage spaces. 

  • Condition of the Roof

Replacing the entire roof is an expensive affair, and a brand new roof comes with a lifespan of only 15 to 20 years, depending on the materials used. Also, if the property has a worn-out roof, check out the material it’s been sealed with. As a clever move, developers use a membrane, which is better than gravel and asphalt, yet leave edges and seams unsealed. In addition, you must check if the property is properly sound-proof or not. 

  • Plumbing must be up-to-the-mark

Next, you’ve to run the taps and review the water pressure. If everything seems fine to you, ask if the pipes are insulated and ensure that they’re not leaking, or else the seller must replace them. Moreover, check the radiators and water boiler. If the hot water tank is located within the roof, it’s probably outdated and needs to be replaced ASAP. 

  • Examine the electrical appliances

Faulty wiring can be dangerous, and rewiring your property is costly. To avoid such a mishap, inspect the entire wiring of the property while looking for any loopholes. Begin your hunt from the main fuse; if that’s showing default, a professional survey will confirm that it needs to be taken care of. While having excess plug points works as a unique selling point, so keep it in mind.

Final Words

One thing that outpaces the property investment procedure is the property hunting one. Searching for an ideal prospect is almost impossible, regardless of how easy it all appears. We often find property rental in Dubai or elsewhere an easier feat than purchasing. However, the entire process will get easier after considering the above-mentioned factors.

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