6 Apps to Help You Make The Most of Your Day!

Time Management is one of those terms that has become loose in its meaning because of overuse. Everyone says better management on your time can help you get the most of your day and they are not wrong. But it has become one of those things that people say. Especially the elderly but no one really tells you how to do that, do they?

I am no expert in the matter of time management. In fact, I used to be a really big procrastinator but that changed when I realized how much time I have been wasting. You can learn time management from the best self-help books but the 1st step is always the willingness and the realization to bring a change to your lifestyle.

Knowing that too much has been said on the matter of time management and its importance. I am not going to talk about these things. But if you are looking for a way to manage your time and your work better than I have a few mobile applications that can help you.

6 Best Time Management Apps for You

1. Rescue Time – Use Your Time Wisely

Play Store Rating – 4.2

It is hard for us to acknowledge our distraction and even harder to reduce them. Rescue Time gives you a weekly report that allows you to acknowledge and limit your distractions. You would have to track your works which can be tedious at the start but it is worth it if you really want a change. If your distraction is in your phone itself then you can use its blocking feature to avoid those.

2. Focus Keeper – Boost Motivation to Complete Tasks

Play Store Rating – 4.2

Do you know about the Pomodoro technique? It is a technique where you sit for 25 mins without break and focus on your work. After every 25 mins, you get a 5 mins break and after every 4 25 minutes session, you get a longer break.

Pomodoro is a proven technique for better productivity and time management and Focus Keeper works on this technique. It also provides you with a graphical report of work done in the past week/ month. There are many other Pomodoro apps but this one has one of the best UI to work with. It has worked wonders for me.

3. Forest

Play Store Rating – 4.5

This is quite a different app that turned out to be really useful. I need a lot of motivation to not switch over to Instagram and start scrolling. Sometimes while scrolling for a few minutes I realize I open my phone for something useful. Forest let you focus better but what makes the app unique is how it works.

If you wish to be completely focused for 1 hour you open the and set the timer. You can also choose some soothing music as white noise. For each time you set a tree is planted in the virtual forest present in the app. But here is the trick if you start using anything else on your phone then the app gives you a brown ruined tree instead of the luscious green one you would have if you completed your task without any distractions. It works on the reward basis which may not work for everyone but it does work for some people.

4. Toggl

Play Store Rating – 4.2

Another great app that keeps a tab on time spent on project or tasks. I worked as a freelancer for a while and managing time given to each client was a piece of cake using this app. It also has a very aesthetically pleasing UI that is really easy to navigate.

It works across platforms which helps you to sync your data on various devices. It is quite a nifty little app to have on your phone. Toggl is quite a feature-rich app. Some of its cool features include Time Tracker, Event Calendar, Weekly Report Insights, etc.

5. Trello

Play Store Rating – 4.4

Trello features make it ideal for managing the time of an Individual or an Enterprise. Along with the free version, there are many different payment plans available based on the need of the user(s).

Trello allows its users to track their tasks, collaborate with colleagues, assign due dates, customize boards and many more features. It is quite a feature-heavy app but still maintains a very elegant UI that is easy to navigate making it quite popular.

6. Remember the Milk

Play Store Rating – 4.6

Okay I know how it sounds and yes you can use this app for making a grocery list but that’s not all that it does. With this app, you can create all sorts of reminders, to-do lists, tasks, attach files to reminders and so much more.

What I liked the most about it was its simplicity and ease of use. There is a free version of the app and also a paid version that unlocks many cool features.

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