6 Things Audio Dubbing Brings to the Table in 2022

For many years the go-to solution to bridge language gaps in content was to use subtitles. That isn’t to say that subtitles don’t serve a great purpose and aren’t effective. However, if you compare the benefits of dubbing content to the benefits subtitles provide, there is a clear winner. If you are considering dubbing your content, but aren’t sure if it is worth it, here are 6 benefits that audio dubbing brings to the table in 2022.

Avoid Censorship

Of all the benefits that audio dubbing brings to the table, one that could help your content reach new audiences much more easily is that it can help you avoid censorship issues. Many countries have strict content laws concerning what can be said or shown, and dubbing content for that country can help reword the meaning of words or sentences to be more locally acceptable.

Cater to Those with Reading Difficulties

While you might think that adding subtitles is the end of your concerns as far as helping viewers to understand your content, you might be surprised to learn that around 781 million people can’t read, which is approximately 14% of the global population. By using the services of companies that provide audio dubbing, you are helping many people enjoy your content.

Helps with Understanding of Content

In addition to the fact that many people can’t read, a more significant challenge is understanding the nuances of another spoken language, even when it has been translated into subtitles. Many jokes and puns don’t work well when written down. However, if it has been effectively translated into a spoken language, viewers can understand the content they are watching more effectively.

Increase Character Association

Did you know that a fear reflex is hardwired in the amygdala and activated by encountering unfamiliar situations? From an evolutionary perspective, this makes sense since it is how we have survived. However, when it comes to content and films, this presents a challenge; people are less likely to associate with characters that aren’t similar to them. By dubbing your content, you can bridge this gap and make it easier for viewers to associate and create emotional connections with characters who speak as they do.

Improve Trust

To build on the idea mentioned above, people are also less likely to use products or services that aren’t in their own language, mainly because of a lack of understanding. As a content creator, business, or filmmaker, one of the best ways to build trust with an audience is to present content in a familiar language.

Widen Your Audience

Finally, the last factor that audio dubbing brings to the table is that it will allow you to widen your audience and reach new viewers. Perhaps there is an audience in another country that would love your content, but they don’t watch it because it doesn’t make sense to them. More than this, content enjoyment, engagement, and viewership will improve if people can associate or relate with the characters.

As a brand or content creator, you probably have many projects that have already been completed. Now that you better understand the benefits of audio dubbing, why not dub some of your completed projects? This is a great way to use older content that can still provide value. You only need a laptop, an internet connection, and a few minutes to search for audio dubbing services online today.

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