6 Times Artificial Intelligence Started The World

Artificial intelligence is one of the most promising technologies of modern times. At present, there is a huge demand for artificial intelligence across various domains. The emergence of artificial intelligence courses in Bangalore has made it easy for everyone to understand the working of the technology. Smart devices, homes, and vehicles are fast becoming an integral part of everyday life. 

This article brings six instances when artificial intelligence startled the world with its capabilities.

1. Language processing

One of the most notable achievements of artificial intelligence is in the field of natural language processing. Scientists were able to force the art of NLP. This technology became a part of everyday life in the form of smart personal assistants. These devices can not only understand human language but can also engage in meaningful conversation with them. One can also automate specific tasks or shop online with their assistants.

2. Deep dream

Researchers at Google Brain succeeded in finding unique ways of demonstrating the thinking process of Google Net. With the help of generative adversarial networks, they were able to put up images before Google’s deep dream. The outcome had an astonishing effect. Whenever an image is placed before a deep dream it will analyze the image. This process helps in recognizing object that is not related to the image. In the next step, the image amplifies according to the similarities.

3. Finding an eight planets solar system

AI has been at the forefront of achieving complex tasks. The astronomers at NASA used AI for collecting information from a Kepler telescope. It helped them to discover an eight planets solar system that is approximately 2500 light-years away from the Earth. The solar system came to be known as Kepler 90i. Technologies like neutral networks help in the identification of exoplanets.

4. Chatbots that can understand mysterious languages

Facebook is working on developing chatbots that can negotiate. The chatbots named Bob and Alice can engage themselves in trade negotiations with one another. However, they use their secret language to communicate. This incomprehensible language was not understandable even by the researchers. Eventually, Facebook was compelled to shut down the project due to serious implications. This experiment clearly showed that artificial intelligence has the potential to evaluate human behavior and communicate using their distinctive language.

5. Almost won a literary award for composing a novel

AI technology shocked the entire world by writing a novel titled “The Day a Computer Writes a Novel”. Surprisingly it even managed to pass the first-round test for Japan’s Hoshi Shinichi literary award. The judges later discovered that the novel was co-authored by AI. The novel was so well crafted that it is now regarded as a literary piece in Japan. 

6. Won a chess and go game

Artificial intelligence won the first game back in 1997. IBM’s Deep Blue managed to defeat chess champion, Garry Kasparov, in two games in a set of six. IBM incorporated huge amounts of data from past games in Deep Blue’s system. Deep Blue makes use of brute processing power during a game.

Artificial intelligence is a relatively new technology that still in its initial stages. It has started to make a significant impact on our daily lives. The most notable feature of artificial intelligence courses in Bangalore is that they are taken by industry leaders who are experts in the field.

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