6 Useful Features For An OnDemand Application

Almost every industry is making use of OnDemand application development to boost their sales. Whether it’s food, travel, education, healthcare, or the tech industry, you are likely to find hundreds of apps related to each sector.

While developing an on-demand app there are a few features that should be kept in mind. To guarantee the success of your app, you need to be competitive, as the market for on-demand applications is very saturated.

Let’s have a look at what on-demand apps are and what useful features should be included in them.

What is an OnDemand Application? 

On-demand service apps are mobile apps that connect customers with service providers and the other way around. Users can benefit from these services with minimal effort on their part, which makes their lives much easier and comfortable. Consumers can purchase goods and services from the comfort of their homes, whereas the providers make use of conventional methods to deliver these services at their doorstep in minutes or at a scheduled time.

Top 6 Useful Features of On-Demand Apps

There are a few on-demand service app features that need to be present in an on-demand app to make it user-friendly for consumers. The absence of these can put a business at a serious disadvantage. Let’s have a look at what these features are:

  1. Registration/Authentication

Having a registration/administration page makes it possible for users to register themselves for your services once and for all. It eliminates the need to log in to the app every time they open it. The account can be registered and connected with the user’s email, mobile number or social media accounts.

Other than this, providers can also allow users to accept the terms of use and privacy policy upon registration, without having to bombard them with thick legal terms later on.

  1. List of services and product description

One of your app’s pages should dedicate solely to naming and explaining the services you provide to your customers. Providing extensive product information, reduces the chances of rash purchasing decisions, product returns and client dissatisfaction. The ideal description is an informative, to-the-point paragraph followed by a short list of main features.

It also makes it possible for your customers to confirm they are purchasing the right product without having to verify from other websites.

  1. Order summary and processing details

All on-demand mobile services must include an order summary and processing details. It helps users confirm that they have placed the right order before making the final payment. On the other hand, the processing details ensure that all necessary details needed regarding the order have been filled, this includes order id, username, address, delivery time, return details, and more.

  1. Time estimation and live tracking

Time estimation and live tracking features make it easier for customers to estimate the time in which the service they ordered will be provided to them. This feature is more useful for food and travel apps since these services are the ones that usually provide within a short time period after the order has a place.

This feature also allows customers to make sure they are present at the location when and where the order is scheduled to arrive. It reduces the chances of miscommunication at both ends.

  1. Mode of Payment

Mode of payment is another useful and necessary feature of an on-demand app. Online shoppers are likely to abandon their shopping carts halfway if the mode of payment is not mentioned clearly. Also, to ensure customer satisfaction you might want to include as many modes of payments as possible including payment through credit/debit card, PayPal, app wallet, bank transfer, cash on delivery, and payment gateway.

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  1. Rating and Feedback

Last but not the least, every on-demand services app should include a rating and feedback section. It allows users to rate and write a review on the quality of service they were provided with. When it comes to increasing sales, user feedback can be of great use. It provides you with insight on how to improve your service.


Mobile app development is not as complex as it may seem. As long as you are including all the useful features in your app, there’s nothing to worry about.

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