7 Free Cartoons Sites Like KissCartoon You Need to Check out

With all the amazing free & paid cartoon websites that are out there, streaming cartoons online is easier than ever. You simply just need to search for the trending website for cartoons and you have a huge collection of sites that you can visit 24/7.

Although this promotes ease of access, it also affects the quality of cartoon shows that a site has to offer. With so many options available out there, it becomes difficult for you to find a cartoon’s website with reasonable streaming quality.

In this article, we are going to share with you the best sites that you can use to stream cartoons online for free. So, let’s get straight to it  

About Kisscartoon Site for Cartoons & Anime

Kisscartoon stands at the top of the list of the best cartoon streaming sites. This website is quite popular among hardcore cartoon viewers because of the free streaming features and HD streaming quality that it has to offer.

Although the official kisscartoon site is now shut down, there are still some clone sites with the same name that you can access out there. These sites are also free to use and are trying to replicate the user experience of kisscartoon.

Although there are many clone sites for kisscartoon that you can check out, we’d recommend visiting the best alternative sites instead. These are the sites that are known in the market because of their excellent streaming quality. We are going to review some of these sites down below 

  1. KimCartoon

KimCartoon is one of the best alternatives for kisscartoon in terms of user experience. This website loads up fast, features a massive collection of cartoon shows and the streaming quality is HD. This site is free to use and doesn’t require registration or anything like that. We like this site because of the awesome user interface and the easy navigation capabilities that it has. 

  • GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime is a great choice for people who are more into subbed and dubbed anime. This site does have a few cartoons shows but it is mostly used for streaming anime. And not just that, this site offers HD streaming quality and content streaming features which make it a great choice for streaming cartoon shows online. It is easy to use, and its search features are simply out of this world. 

  • AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak is one of the very few anime sites that doesn’t only feature HD streaming quality, it also allows you to download the shows using 3rd party video downloader app. This website can easily be run on mobile devices as well. It features a neat and clean user interface with excellent streaming quality. This site also has a website for manga readers called the MangaFreak that you can check out if you want to. 

  • AnimeToon

AnimeToon is a website for streaming cartoon shows as well as dubbed anime. We like this website because of how easy it is to navigate. There are not many sites that can match the level of ease of access that AnimeToon has to offer. With this anime site, you get multiple streaming mirrors for the same content so that you can choose a different channel if one doesn’t work for you. At WPE PRO, you can learn about more cartoons streaming sites with similar features.

  • Anime Centre

Anime Centre is an anime streaming website and doesn’t have cartoons content on it. We had to mention this site because offers the same user experience as the Kisscartoon site. It is free to use and has a nice user interface. This site features HD quality for anime and is free to use. 

  • Watch Cartoon Online

Watch Cartoon Online is a renowned website for cartoons and dubbed anime. It has been around for over a decade and the number of shows that it has to offer is remarkable. This site is updated regularly to accommodate new content. You’ll find a huge collection of new and old cartoon shows here on this site.   

  • 9Anime

9Anime offers you a broad solution for streaming your favorite cartoons and anime shows. The thing that sets this site apart is, it also has a mobile app that further enhances the ease of access for you. This site features a friendly mobile version that you can use to get the latest updates to your favorite anime. You can stream dubbed as well as subbed anime on this site.     

Wrapping Up

The sites that we have briefly talked about in this article would be a fine choice for you for streaming your favorite cartoons and anime shows. These sites are immensely famous, and their streaming quality is adequate considering that they are free to use. Make sure to consider all these sites when looking for the best websites for streaming cartoons online.  

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