7 most common stereotypes when it comes to rigid boxes’ strength

Rigid Setup Boxes are durable and can easily protect products from external factors. These boxes are made of cardboard, bux board, and Kraft materials. These materials are famous for their exclusive strength and resistance against heat and moisture. There are multiple printing methods available for these boxes. Digital, offset, and screen printing methods are the most renowned ones. Striking images and visual elements can be easily added by using these methods. Different shapes and sizes are also available to improve the shelf impact. Multiple finishing techniques are present to enhance the glow of the boxes. Trendy and distinctive designs of these boxes make better sales and promotions.

Rigid Setup Boxes are helpful for easily shipping your fragile products. Brands and companies are relying on these boxes. Multiple types of customization options are available to make your products look superior. These boxes are used for all kinds of products. The advantage of using these boxes is their cost-effectivity. If small businesses have a small budget, they can purchase these boxes from wholesale options. There are also multiple sales and promotional offers that can help people in staying within their budget. There are many misconceptions about this packaging in the market. The following article will explain the 7 most common stereotypes about these boxes and the truth about these boxes.

These are not durable:

Custom Rigid Boxes are famous for their durability. It is a baseless rumor that these packages are not durable. The materials used in these boxes are the best. The strength of cardboard, bux board and Kraft materials is undeniable. You can use these boxes to impress your customers easily. The presence of these materials will make it easy to resist the changes in temperature and moisture. They are used for shipping purposes as well. Experts recommend these boxes for the safe transportation of your products. The durability of these packages will also improve the protection and safety.

All boxes are the same:

Rigid Shoulder Boxes can be used for the promotion of your products. It is a myth that these boxes are all the same. These boxes are extremely flexible, and you can use various shapes for them. The presence of these sizes makes them a suitable option for fragile products. Makeup brands and luxury companies are relying on these boxes. They keep on using this packaging in various sizes to gain appreciation from the customers. If you are using them for a single product, you can choose the size accordingly. For more than one product, you can use spacious packaging. The size of the boxes is dependent upon the quality of the product. A too-tight packaging also decreases the worth of your products.

Unavailability of customization options:

Seated Rigid Boxes are available with multiple customization options. This is a wrong assumption that these boxes cannot be customized. There are various customization options present for these boxes. If you want to improve the outlook of the packaging, you can easily add accessories and assortments as well. Finishing techniques including spot UV, gloss, and matte are the perfect options for improving the shine on these boxes. These methods will also help in giving you a stain-free transparent layer. The shelf impact of these boxes is easily enhanced by using these methods. You can also emboss these boxes to gain top-notch results.

Poor designs:

Rigid Boxes Wholesale are the perfect option for many small businesses. It is another misconception about these boxes that they are not available in trendy designs. This misconception has no true basis at all. These packages have flexible characteristics, and they can easily be cut and bent into different shapes. You can use die-cut window design for these boxes to give your customers an overview of your products. There are also many designs to enhance the look of these boxes. Manufacturers are aware of the demands of the customers, and they always use trendy designs. Even if you already have a design in your mind, you can get it made. 

Cheap printing qualities:

Custom Printed Boxes have the perfect quality of printing. It is a common stereotype that these boxes provide low-quality printing. Manufacturers always believe in using the latest and advanced methods of printing when it comes to these packages. You can easily use digital printing, offset printing, and screen printing methods to impress your customers. There are various other ways to increase the appearance of the boxes using these methods. You can also use images and graphics on these boxes. The availability of color models increases the aesthetics of the products. To increase the customers’ interest in your products, you can also print the details of the products. 

No room for custom inserts:

Rigid Boxes can be adjusted and shaped according to your requirements. It depends upon the quality of the products and the requirements. It is another stereotype that customer service cannot be added to these boxes. This is false because these boxes have been used for delicate jewelry items. These items need custom inserts to stay in their place. You can easily add additional slots and packaging answers to protect your products. If you want to enhance the factor of safety, you can add assortments. The presence of these assortments will help in improving the value of your products. 

Not good for storing for a long time:

This is another myth about these boxes that they cannot be easily stored for a long time. This is completely wrong because these boxes are sustainable and can be easily stored. The materials used in the manufacturing of these boxes have long-lasting abilities. Offices and brands used boxes to store their products for a long time. The eco-friendly nature of these boxes does not allow the integrity of the environment to get harmed. 

Rigid Setup Boxes are sustainable, and they keep the integrity of our environment maintained. Several rumors are going on about these boxes that are baseless. It is completely wrong that these boxes are not durable. The manufacturing materials used in these boxes are of high quality. The printing methods of this packaging are top-notch, and you can easily market your products. You can also use finishing options and customized sizes to impress your customers.

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