7 Things to Know About .Net Framework

.Net pronounced as dot Net is a part open-sourced project that is famous for its re-usable code and object-oriented programming features. It was introduced by Microsoft in 2002 and was instantly a hit among the developers. Dot Net enables easy deployment which is another reason for its increased popularity. 

Initially, .NET was developed to help Microsoft’s own ecosystem but became widely used by developers across the globe. It is now available in Mac OS as well as open-source operating systems like Linux as well. .Net is a good place to start if anyone is on the go to developing their own software. 

Here are 7 things that you should know about the .Net Framework. 

  1. It is open-sourced and available widely

When Microsoft initially developed .Net, it was supposed to serve Microsoft’s own ecosystem. It was meant for Microsoft’s software developers. But over the years, the number of users increased due to its feasibility. Later, it became open-sourced making it available to every software developer. 

Many believe that .Net is available only in Windows, but it is wrong. It is also available in Mac systems as well as in other open- source operating systems. It supports cross-platform development and developers who want to make use of multiple coding languages can have it easily in .Net Framework. 

  1. Main languages of .Net Framework

.Net Framework supports software developers by providing programming guidelines that can be used to develop an array of software ranging from web to mobile applications. .Net Framework comes with coding languages such as C++, C#, F#, etc. 

  1. Ease of use and feasibility

.Net Framework comes with a huge library of pre-written codes which makes it easy for developers. They can easily pull in these existing codes to their program and finish the task easily. Hiring Indian dot net developers will help you build software in less time and effort. It is also object-oriented enabling users to work on various parts of the software one at a time. It is much more organized as the developers can drift into other parts once they finish working on one. They can also combine all the chunks together at the end and evaluate and coordinate more effectively. 

  1. Visual studio and impressive caching system

.Net Framework comes with an impressive Visual Studio that can also help developers to build software. It is also popular for its ease of use and manageability. Software created using Visual Studio can be debugged and distributed and published in several operating systems. In short, Visual Studio is one way to develop apps and software without losing one’s head over it. 

.Net Framework also comes with a massive caching system. It enables storing of data and makes .Net reliable for developers. Another distinctive feature of .Net that keeps it apart from others is its scope for customization. The caching ability can be customized so that developers can increase it according to their needs and work nature. 

  1. Automatic monitoring 

The worst nightmare of every developer is when something goes askew in their codes or when they fail to notice it before it’s too late. But with automatic monitoring of.Asp Net, this can be avoided. It shows when something is wrong with the codes and helps you rectify it on the go. Whether it be a memory leak, infinite loop pops or other minor or major issues, automatic monitoring of.ASP NET notifies the user saving a great deal of time. 

  1. Interoperable Apps

.Net Framework is perfect for developing interoperable applications. It is highly recommended by tech experts because of its unbeatable user experience. It is fluid and provides a seamless user experience on diverse platforms. Using this, one can develop apps that work on multiple platforms in sync. 

You can make use of dot net development services to build a stunning application in the .Net Framework. It is also best suited for gaming applications because of its versatility. It can provide an excellent user experience to gamers and therefore is a good choice.  Developers can also use .Net Framework to develop web and enterprise-graded applications. 

  1. Business Function and re-design

These days every business makes use of applications and websites to gather traffic, maintain leads, generate leads, and do business. .Net Framework is perfect for business functions as it can be re-designed easily. Changes happen in the style of business very often to meet the changing habits of the customers. Certain applications and software cannot be re-designed easily. It can cause loss of customers and can badly impact the business. 

.Net Framework enables re-designing of applications easily so that it won’t be a hurdle anymore. With this, your business can change with the changing times. .Net Framework is put to use in several business sectors including supply management where it is an integral part. It also finds applications in Customer Relationship Management (CRM ).  

So we have discussed the basic functionality of the .net framework in this article. If you have any doubts, reach out to us.

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