8 Easy SEO Tips to Boost Your Site in Under an Hour

A website can make a big deal for promoting yourself, your services, and products, or just creating a space where people will come for information. While design, quality photos and videos, colors, and other visual enhancements will appeal to visitors, you need to think about search engines, as well.  This is called search engine optimization or SEO. It can help you rank high in the search results when someone uses Google or Bing to find offers similar or the same as yours.

These 8 easy SEO tips can boost your site in under an hour — some you can do yourself and some are better left to professionals. Let’s begin!

1. Pick the perfect domain name

A domain name or URL is your website’s address that visitors have to enter in their browser to come to your site. Google will use this domain name to rank your site appropriately, so you need to make sure that it’s clear and impactful. Most importantly, don’t use special characters or page IDs when naming your domain. For example, a good approach would be to use your personal or business name and add a couple of keywords that describe it. You can use a descriptive or generic domain name that your website is intended for.

2. Structure your site with headers

Your website consists of pages and each should have headers so search engines can understand what their content is about. The title is a crucial header and it needs to be descriptive of the content on the page. In the text editors, it’s labeled as H1 or heading 1. H2 and H3 are for subtitles so your content is better structured and more refined.

Think of it as a book that has a name, while inside, it’s divided into chapters, paragraphs, and page numbers so the reader would know where a certain quote is or where to continue reading. In this case, Google is the reader and your website is divided into pages organized with headers and paragraphs.

3. Focus on quality content

A lot depends on the quality of the content on your website pages. The most important thing is that it has value to your audience and encourages them to stay on your website. Your content can be made from articles, images, videos, and graphics, and must be original or shared with permission. Plagiarism can lower your rank in the search engine results, and that one is hard to come back from.

4. Insert meta description for every page

Unlike headers and content, adding meta descriptions may require the services of an SEO agency since this needs a more comprehensive knowledge of website programming and Google algorithm. Think of these as blurbs or short summaries for a book, but in this case for the content on your page. This text will appear under the URL to your website in the search results.

The meta tag is written into the source code of each page, meaning you need to understand this type of programming to know where it fits. For example, the following code line is reserved for meta description: <meta name=” description” content=” This is where you will enter the summary that will get your attention in Google search results”>. Not having meta descriptions or not writing them properly may be the reason people didn’t go to your page after the Google search.

5.add alt text to images

Alt text stands for an alternative text that should be added as a description to images on your website. These are important for accessibility since screen narrators will read this alt text to visually impaired visitors so they know what the image represents. If the image is not loaded, alt text will appear instead, offering some type of content to the audience. Search engines index the images with alt text which in turn can bring higher ranking to your website and more traffic when someone requests image search results.

6. Use anchor text wisely

Anchor text is an efficient way to increase and sustain traffic on your website, meaning people will spend more time on your pages. Simply put, anchor text is a text, for example, a keyword or a sentence, that when clicked will take the visitor to another part of your website. You can use it to help visitors navigate through your website, like linking products with your online store.

However, there is a catch. Search engine algorithms may give you negative points for using too many of these anchors or using them for linking that is irrelevant to the readers. So, make sure that anchors have a purpose and do not lead to pointless content.

7. Insert backlinks

A backlink is a link leading from one website to another. Their purpose is to bring visitors from another website that displayed your URL. Search engines see this as a vote of confidence for your website and give you a thumbs up, which contributes to your higher ranking. You can increase your backlink opportunities by creating content that will specifically interest the websites that already linked back to you.

Other ways include forming partnerships with high authority websites you are linking to in your content and thus contributing to their traffic. Alternatively, you can try spying on your competitors and figuring out their strategy and backlinks.

8. Enhance social media activity

While you don’t have to know how to code to have a website, you should be hands-on when it comes to your social media profiles. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat, and LinkedIn — are the most used platforms for promotion and communication with the audience, customers, and clients. Search engines will use your activity on social media during the ranking process so you need to create engaging posts and reply to comments.

A bonus is a fact that social media is a way to promote yourself and get to more people than you would with only having a website. The flow of traffic will increase with each share of your posts and you will right away get a higher ranking in web searches.

In conclusion

If you don’t have any experience in building a website, it’s best to leave it to professionals. These SEO tips can boost your site in under an hour, but only if done right. After all, it’s better to invest in high-impact SEO than suffer the consequences of a poorly executed one.





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