8 Hacks To Give Your Voice Over A Professional Touch: Helpful tips to create a more engaging and professional voiceover with Play.ht’s tools.

Play.ht is a professional AI voice generator that enables you to create natural and realistic audio. To assist you in making most of this software, here are some important hacks that can ensure a natural-sounding audio script with realistic expressiveness, natural intonation, and crisp fidelity.

Improvise the recording standards

You need to record your script in a dead room, which means it should have absolute silence. Use an external microphone for recording purposes.

Choose an appropriate voiceover 

The voiceovers play a very important role in giving your content a professional and realistic feel. You need to listen to the demos carefully to decide which the AI voiceover suits your requirement. Your chosen voice must match the needs of your task in terms of natural voice tone. For instance, you can opt for a bright voice to demonstrate a casual feel to your task, whereas a narrative AI voice will display a sense of proficiency in your project. The choice of AI voices leaves a great impact on the targeted audiences.

Practice whenever possible

Before moving to the final conversion of Text to Speech script, training a little for at least ten minutes of the process is recommended. This will help you choose the best production-ready and professional voiceover for your script.

Professionally draft your voiceover content

Keep your AI voiceover content ready before taking any action. Ensure to check your script for spelling and grammar mistakes, as the AI voice will not rectify these errors on its own. It will just read it in your desired tone. To give a break in your script, you will have to add a full stop or a comma in it. You will have to use separate letters to help AI voiceovers understand the pronunciation of an acronym.

Use appropriate tone & style 

Play.ht tools help you select an AI voiceover in the desired tone, accent, and style so that it can be similar to a real human voice. Once you have selected a tone or a style, your AI voice for the content will come along with it as a by-default feature.

Keep previewing 

You can convert the script into a normal speech to check the sentence building, boundaries, and word spacing. This will help in tweaking sentences and timing. You can make the required adjustments at regular intervals.

Upload your content

You can upload your AI voiceover Texts on Platforms like Play.ht. It requires a basic copy and paste method or uploading the text file. Here, you must adjust the pitch and speed of your Ai voiceover. Play.ht enables you to control your speech file’s features. You can combine multiple AI voices in a single audio clip with the special Play.ht tools.


After listening to your AI-generated audio file, if you are unhappy with some parts. For instance, it can have errors like unnatural pauses, wrong pronunciation, etc. With the help of an AI audio voiceover generator like Play.ht, you can go back to the editing stage and create & download an updated version of it.

Thus, platforms like Play.ht help you create audio and video voiceover without any trouble. You can make your AI voiceover more professional and engaging with the above-mentioned hacks!

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