A brief guide to demolition process

Every property after a specific time turns old when maintaining it is no longer worth the effort and you are left with no choice other than to demolish it. It is better to reconstruct the site than live in a building with many violations and shortcomings. As a responsible homeowner, you should not risk keeping an antique piece of land serving no benefit. It is better to reconstruct it nicely but demolish it initially.

Demolition is the process of shattering any property or a part of it that needs to be constructed or repaired. The tools used for these procedures range from cutters, shovels, pry bars, grinders, jackhammers etc. Vehicles like cranes and dozers are used if you opt for an entire site demolition. Moreover, it requires a whole team of workers with proper skills to rupture a building in the least time.

Basically, there are two types of demolition based on the part of the property that is to be crushed

  • Partial Demolition
  • Complete Demolition

In partial demolition, only some part of the building is torn down, which must be repaired or reconstructed, whereas complete destruction involves eliminating the entire property structure. Reconstruction mostly opts for complete demolishing.


Benefits Of Demolishing

It is better to demolish old buildings for the following benefits:

To increase safety and property value: If an ancient building is a threat to the environment and public, removing it is the best option as it can cause danger. An old building can collapse due to weak foundations or corroded material.


To use it for constructing something new: Often, old buildings that are neither a historic monument nor a piece of beauty are removed and replaced with something better. The land on which the building is constructed can be used for other purposes. So demolishing old buildings are a great option.



If you are wondering about the process and have little confusion, keep reading till the end to know the what’s and how’s of the whole procedure.


Analyse Your Property: Whether it is an apartment, a house, a large building or any property, you should analyse it precisely. If you are looking for partial demolition and just want to get some parts of the building repaired or reconstructed, it is better to observe and see which areas require improvements. It will make you decide if you want to demolish a certain room, floor or whole house. Suppose almost house needs repair then it’s better to go for complete demolishing as it will be easier and require less time. Also, if you want to reconstruct, it is better to go for a complete demolish. It will save you time and extra effort.


Make a decision: Make a firm mind if you want to go for a partial demolition process or have a proper shut down of property. It entirely depends upon your choice and your needs.


Set a budget: Demolishing is the first step of reconstruction and the process isn’t cheap as chips. It will cost you a fortune. So it is better to set a budget for how much you are willing to spend on the process. Make sure you know the average price of demolition dealers.


Contact a demolition dealer: The most crucial step is to hire a contractor who will first analyse the site and see how he and his workers will make all the operations work. A demolition contractor should be chosen on below factors:

  • He should be licensed and operate under government norms and rules.
  • He must be well knowledgeable and experienced
  • He should have a team of skilled workers
  • He should do an entire site analysis
  • He must have a good reputation in the market
  • He must keep public safety in mind and do not harm the environment
  • He must work under your budget


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