A fascinating story of two altcoins: DOGE and TEZOS.

A fascinating story of two altcoins: DOGE and TEZOS.

Today we see that Digi-currency is attaining the place it wills, and bitcoin is the only crypto most people know. There is also another cryptocurrency going trending, Dogecoin! 

Dogecoin which is known as meme coin was developed in 2013. Continue reading to know all about Doge price prediction 2021 and afar!

What is Dogecoin?

As far as we know about Bitcoin, This meme coin DOGE is also one of the popular cryptos. Dogecoin was introduced in December 2013. And soon saw millions of traders and investors visiting its official website. Today, In 2021 doge is hiked at 5000% from the price of $0.006 as of when it started.

Doge was primarily invented by Jackson Palmer, Oregon, and Billy Markus. The coin started as a joke and now spread all across the world, especially retailers use doge for payments.

Fundamental Analysis.

Doge is one of the user-friendly cryptos that works on its blockchain and is widely supported by several exchanges and wallets. This coin is mainly used for making payments and as a tip-coins for rewarding tokens during the social media interaction

Doge was initially made as a meme coin and is now having a high inflation rate. Doge is an inflammatory coin and bitcoin is a deflationary coin. Because the production of bitcoin is limited and on the other side there we a good number of production of bitcoin. But Will dogecoin go up. Along with advantage these question also arises after a good number of coin production.

Read below to know doge price analysis 2021 and beyond!

Doge saw trading at $0.007 in January 2021 and continued till Q2 of 2021 and later saw the coin trading at $0.34 in mid-may 2021. Latterly, the famous comedy show, where he appeared as SNL with the tagline Dogefather surged the coin more than 15,000% at $0.08 on May 8th, which is seen as an all-time high price. 

Subsequently, the price happed to fall? sliding to $0.25, due to heavy selling on May 25. Later on June 2, DOGE  saw trading at $0.44 but due to lack of hold on gains again slides down to $0.16 on July 20. There was a huge loss to doge. But will doge go back up. Let’s check what happened in Q3 2021.

In Q3 doge saw trading at the price between $0.19 to $0.21. Doge price saw a continuous sliding in Q3 

Will doge survive? See what happened in Q4, during mid-uptober it gave a green signal to traders, but did it remain the same? Doge saw breaking up positively after long months.

Moreover, doge might touch $0.474 by the ending of this year. Controversially the meme coin saw having a pump and dump scenario for a very long time. But what do tezos say? Will tezos be a good investment?

Decentralized technology is capturing the minds of investors and traders enhancing the privacy and security of users. Tezos is a P2P open-source platform for applications promoted by researchers and validators worldwide.

What is tezos?

Tezos wish is also known as XTZ is a digital token that works on the blockchain networks which is also called tez or tezzie. As per the developers, the term tezos is an old Greek word for smart contracts.

Fundamental Analysis

Tezos was developed by Arthur Breitman. XTZ o tezos is a coin that is a multi-purpose platform that supports smart contracts and dapps. The application of the platform is to self-correct protocols and allow governance on-chain to manage network alterations. Also, the altcoin uses (DPoS) and supports to turn smart contracts completely.

Tezos price prediction 2021 and beyond!

  • Q1 was very lucky for tezos. As it saw a good start since day 1 with the trading price at $2. 
  • By mid-march,? the price will till $5 and continue to go up to $8 till mid-may.
  • Unfortunately, after the market crash on May 19, the price slid back to $2.3 on July 22.
  • Q4 of 2021 says the price moving parabolically to clinch an ATH of $9.18 on October 4.
  • However, as bears took reign over the XTZ price action, it has undergone a steep fall.
  • Unfortunately after failure to stay strong with $6.29
  • Q4 saw the coin trading at $5.48 at %5 high gains.
  • Moreover, the XTZ continued to spike by the end of 2021. The tezos might at $10.68 at the end of 2021.
  • The price may drop well below $4.998 if the bears rule the market. With average buy and sell pressures the asset is anticipated to trade at $7.75.

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