A problem of the space and walls with TP-link repeater

The range is quite an issue if you are planning to use a singular wireless router in your home. Whatever you live in there are bound to be either of the two problems. A lot of walls or just a big space to deal with. The conventional budget router will not be able to cope up with its scanty range. Even if you go for heavy-duty, gaming extenders, they may fail in a large space. Extending your wireless router’s range is the best way you can get rid of your range of trouble. All those dead spots can be easily bid goodbye once you set up and equip your router with a range extender or repeater. Let me introduce you to TP-link repeaters. A small and really compact looking device that defies the image you make about it in your mind when you embrace it in your first glance. Contrary to its appearance, the mini WiFi is quite the package. A subtle design combined with a  considerable amount of power. It can easily be one of the best in budget extenders out there in the market. No competition at all from any slick yet powerful device. Let’s take a look at how you can do the tplinkrepeater.net browser setup.

Setting up your TP-link repeater

Now you have got home your extender and are looking forward to using its features. Let’s take a look at how you can set it up so as to make the most use of it. Simple bring out your extender and then connect it to a computer or a laptop. You can do this using a wired connection with an Ethernet cable. You can also do it using the wifi connectivity on your computer or laptop. Once you are done with that go ahead and open up your browser and type tplinkrepeater.net, this will redirect you to the TP-link repeater.net login page. The tplinkrepeater.net login page will ask you to enter a login name and password after which you will be redirected to a page where you can enter the details of your router. The extender will use this info to connect to your router so be careful with what you enter. Once you enter everything your extender will connect to your router. This is your cue to disconnect it and then connect it wherever you want the network to be extended. It is as simple as that.

Using the extender as an access point

The extender can also be used in the case scenario where you do not happen to own a wireless router. In this situation, you can just power up the extender by plugging it into a socket. Then just connect it to an Ethernet cable. Proceed to wirelessly connect it to a pc and then find your way to the setup link from the browser. Then just set up the SSID and password to your preference and you are good to go. It will now act as an access point just like a router. In order to extend its range, you may use another extender. It is the same process. In case the tplinkrepeater.net not working you should check up the connections between the router and the plug and the Ethernet cables. In case all of these are fine you can try changing your browser as some browsers tend not to support the link. Changing the browser should solve the trouble immediately. The tplinkrepeater.net admin page can also be used to check stats and also firmware updates. You could also use it to remotely control, restart, or reset your device.

Convenience right in face value

In an overall review of the device, I would say that the most highlighted thing about it is its friendliness to the budget. The features are good enough and considerable but there is a compromise made on the range and durability of the device for the sake of saving a bit on the price tag. A good and recommended in a budget device in a personal opinion. So if you are having trouble with the range of your router you should probably go and do what’s right, yes buy a TP-link extender.

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