A solution to better connectivity with dlink extenders

I have used Wi-Fi for as long as I can remember starting with the first dialup connection which offered speeds in terms of kbps and then came the more modern cable broadband which was even faster, efficient, and more reliable so basically, I have been using the internet ever since it started and so I find it to be an absolute necessity not only cause everything nowadays is online and connected but also because the internet has now become such an important tool in solving problems in our day to day lives and that the thought of becoming disconnected with frightening. Given that the job market is also evolving there are numerous jobs nowadays which demand having a steady and stable internet connection regardless of whether you work from home or from an office.

I work in an office that has great connectivity but I can’t say the same for my house as it has what is best called as mediocre connectivity mainly cause the coverage is terrible so I wanted to convert my home into something of an office and decided to take inspiration from the existing network infrastructure currently present in my office so I purchased an extender from the same brand as the one from my office which was dlink and it was really affordable and offered a lot of advantages over its competitors which helped in the overall experience.

The main advantage in my opinion is the easy, simple and quick setup through the http.// link which really sets it apart from other extenders as it offers a carefully curated portal that is designed for dlink products to act and work in a way that can be understood by any lay person so it is absolutely amazing.

Features and specs

This extender has such an incredible design that frankly other competitors should copy because it offers that sleek minimalistic look instead of the usual boxy design and has a nice range of colors to better fit into your home. It offers twice the speed and range that other extenders all while being as affordable as possible. This aggressive pricing really makes it extremely attractive to purchase. It can easily cover dead spots and dead zones that are formed when a router doesn’t provide the proper coverage. Also, it offers many features that you can easily modify by accessing the dlinkap.local/login link.

Setting up the dlink extenders device

Well as you already know by now the setup is really simple and quite easy to do through the dlink extender setup link but still, there are a few things to note. Firstly make sure that it correctly turned on then just head over to the link mentioned above through an internet browser and login then press the WPS button on both your router as well as your extender and wait till the connection has been established. This process should take at most 20 minutes if you are unfamiliar with the product. Anyway, that concludes the basic setup. You can also setup the extender as a separate access point using the link and to do, click on the settings tab, and select AP mode and that will create a new access point then enter your desired password to complete.

Tips for better performance and troubleshooting

There are certain things you can do that will greatly enhance and improve your Wi-Fi experience in the long run as this device is just like any other device and can malfunction if not properly maintained. So to make the best use of your extender make sure to reboot it every week and check for firmware updates every month and update it, also make sure that the device is placed in a position that is optimal by using the LEDs present on it as a guide. All of these things can help you make the best use of the device and this can help enhance your experience. Another important aspect of extenders is troubleshooting them and one of the most common errors that is reported is the http //dlinkap.local not working and this is caused only because there’s something wrong with the extender. If you ever encounter such an issue then reset the extender and set it up again. This issue will not be encountered if the device is properly maintained.

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