Some must-have accessories for your wagon stroller

Parents dealing with multiple toddlers at once know what a blessing the Wonderfold wagon stroller is for them. Not only does it carry up to 4 babies at once, for example, in the wonderfold wagon w4 premium model, but it also is super easy to steer, fold and place. The wonderfold wagon w4 reviews speak for themselves regarding how handy this stroller is for busy parents.

The wonderfold wagon stroller w4 is one of the best options if you’re dealing with two or more kids, as it can hold weight up to sixty-six pounds per seat; the straps are adjustable and can fit up to 4 little ones at once.

Wonderfold wagon w2 and the other wonderfold options like the wonderfold wagon w1 are a super convenient option as well, as they pass through all doors and passageways and can easily be tucked away in any part of the house.

Even though all the models, including used wonderfold wagons, come with accessories there are still some you must invest in.

Some must-have accessories

The wagons have a lot of accessories, such as the sunshade and the storage baskets provided with them. Parents don’t necessarily seem to need anything else. But today, we will be jotting down those accessories that make your strolling life a whole lot easier. 

A liner for your wagon

Start the list off with one of the essential accessories a parent should invest in, which is a liner for the bottom of your  Wonderfold wagon. The bottom of your wagon comes with removable padding.

The liner should be the same size as that and sewn like a pillow cover. Preference should be given to covers that have a thicker fabric. To place it on, it is similar to how a pillow cover is put on a pillow.

You have to take your cover and fit the bottom padding of the stroller wagon inside it. This is a simple step, and the liner doesn’t cost a lot either. This can be a lifesaver since kids are prone to spilling things on the bottom of the wagon.

To protect the bottom and the liquids not to seep through, a liner can be an excellent investment of the parents. After putting the cover on, all you have to do is slide the removable bottom back in.

Seat liners for the seats

The next best thing you can invest in are covers for your seats. Now, if you’re a parent who likes to make things last, this one’s for you. The cool Collapsible wagon from wonderfold comes with two seats in the wonderfold w2 model and two larger seats with four belts in the w4. You can also check out further wonderfold wagon reviews online to find out more details as to how great these wagons are.

The seats that come with the wonderfold wagon are great as they are super comfortable and can hold up to two small or one big child in the w4. However, all the insides, including the seat of your stroller, can be easily damaged if there are any spillages.

Therefore, it’s better to invest in seat liners To avoid buying wagons or ruining them quickly. These are great as they help you customize the stroller according to your liking and keep the interior safe.

Snack trays

Another great addition to your wagon is a snack tray. These are great for the kids if they have to snack inside the wagon when you’re traveling with them. The snack tray for the w4 comes with 4 cup holders. Furthermore, all the straps of the cup holders come with adjustable straps to hold any cup or glass pretty safely. The bottom is made of rexine and can easily be removed and wiped clean.

You can easily fit it in the center of the Wonderfold wagon w4 by adjusting the sides of the tray and putting it on. The snack tray can even be closed with the wonderfold wagon if it’s positioned in the center. This can help you keep track of little accessories, and you don’t have to worry about misplacing them

A foldable backpack

Some of the wonderfold products come with a super lightweight and foldable backpack. It seems like a bit of a purse but can be opened up to a good-sized bag. You can place this inside the wagon or hook it up with the hook close to the handlebar for easy access.

These little bags do not take much space and can be super handy for parents on the go since it’s extra storage that you will undoubtedly need if you’re going shopping with the kids or practically anywhere. Storage is one of those things that one can never have enough of.

Final thoughts

The wonderfold wagon is one of the best wagon strollers out there, owing to the plethora of features. Nonetheless, there are always a few things like liners, snack trays, and extra storage that one can add to help parents make their life way easier.

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