Add Text to a PDF Document Online and Offline

Long before the emergence of digital documents, once there is a typo, you need to revise the mistake and reprint the file. Thankfully, PDF editors have well-resolved this resource-wasting and inefficient workflow. A PDF editing software program enables users to add text to a PDF file. In this article, how to add a text box to a PDF for editing will be introduced.

Add Text to a PDF with Offline Tools

Text boxes are places where users can type or write something, and are thus used to draw attention to specific text. In some instances, users may need to add a fillable text box in PDF since the added sentence may be too long or extra notes for further explanation are needed. Keep reading to know how to add text boxes to PDFescape. Here’s how to:

How to Add Text to PDF on Windows

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe is considered the pioneer in this industry, and its flagship product Adobe Acrobat enjoys a good reputation among users. Concerning how to add text to a PDF, Adobe Acrobat undoubtedly takes the lead. If you wonder how to edit the text in PDF, keep reading to find the answer:

Step 1. Download Adobe Acrobat and install the program;

Step 2. Launch the software and open a PDF document with Adobe;

Step 3. Click Add Text in the tab of Tools;

Step 4. Place your cursor at the place you want to add text and type in the text box.

Note: Users can add new text to a PDF using any of the fonts installed on the system. If you need to change the text properties, click the corresponding font name, size, and color. Besides, Adobe provides the features to change the character spacing, word spacing, and horizontal scaling, which cannot be done in other software.

How to Add Text to PDF on Mac

Mac users can use Apple’s built-in PDF editor Preview to edit the text in PDF. Generally, there are three methods to change the text on PDF: add a fillable text box in PDF and type the text, replace the placeholder text in a template, or add text to a shape in PDF. The solution to add text to a PDF on Mac is provided below: 

Add text in a Text Box

If you need to write on a blank page, you need to:

Step 1: Click Text to insert a new text box where you can type in it;

Step 2: Move the text box to the place you want;

Step 3: Add text to the box. If the size of the box doesn’t fit, drag a selection handle to change the box size.

If you are in need of changing the appearance of text with the box, click the font, color, size, or alignment icon to change the way it displays.

Add text in a Shape

In some cases, Mac users may need to add text in a shape. All you need to do is double-click the shape to trigger the insertion point and then add or edit the text box.

When there is too much text to display within the shape, a clipping indicator appears. Users can select the shape and drag any selection handle to display all text.

Add Text to a PDF with Online Tools

Some users may find it troublesome to turn to desktop PDF software because their work doesn’t involve the frequent use of PDF. To them, the download and installation process may be a waste of time. Luckily, we have some trusted free online PDF programs in the industry to help insert text boxes in PDF, such as PDF2GO and pdfFiller.

In addition, cloud service provider as Google Docs also allows users to add a text box to a PDF for free.


PDF2GO gives you a good user experience concerning online document management. This versatile PDF editing program allows you to edit, compress, merge, protect, combine and divide PDF files online.

When it comes to adding text to a PDF, PDF2GO enables users to edit the text in PDF, use a pencil to draw, whiteout, highlight content, and draw shapes.

Step 1: Enter the link on the search bar, and click Edit PDF;

Step 2: Upload a PDF that needs modifying as instructed from URL, local computer, Dropbox, and Google Drive;

Step 3: Select Text and change editing options if you need (font name, size, and color) before anything else;

Step 4: Put your cursor at the place you want to add the text box, and when you see the text box appearing, start changing text on the PDF.

If you need to change font size, be sure to change relevant editing settings before inserting a text box in the PDF. Otherwise, your editing settings won’t be saved.

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