All About The Working Of Virtual Phone Numbers

After the introduction of virtual phone numbers, communication around the globe has become far more cheap, easy and enjoyable. In this article, we will let you through the working of a virtual phone number. Communication is a key aspect in today’s world; one should be able to understand all the benefits and possibilities that a virtual phone number can serve. The virtual number of service provider companies is rising day by day. Companies such as MightyCall, Grasshopper, etc. are on the top of the game. The competitors are increasing. To give a bit of additional information in the battle of Grasshopper vs. MightyCall, MightyCall is winning as it has more enriched features.

 The virtual phone number and Landline Phones provide a list of exciting services that helps you to enhance communication at your workplace. You can get up to 800 toll-free numbers for your business company. However, the cost increases with the increasing number. It consists of an IVR menu that guides you to the desired department of the company. One can record calls with the call date and time for future use or to maintain the records. If you are tired of listening to phone toots, you can replace them with some amazing tunes. In case you missed a call, you can prioritize calling back according to the received requests. In this way, the emergency calls can be answered as soon as you see them. It also holds the received voice messages. You can also send and bulk messages without any word restraint. Now, you do not need to move to another online website to conduct a meeting. This job can also be done on a virtual number phone system.

How to forward calls from your virtual phone number?

If you want to redirect a call to your or another number, input your number by following the international format. Type “00” at the beginning of your number. Make sure you do not add the “+” sign before the virtual number. This call forwarding feature involves some charges if the call is transferred to a foreign country. Another method to do call forwarding is making a SIP id. SIP call forwarding does not require any charges in most countries.

How to forward SMS from your virtual phone number?

SMS can be forwarded via email, mobile number, or URL. When you are sending SMS through the mail, put your email address there. Forwarding via mail is free. If you want to send a message through mobile, type “00” at the start of the number before clicking on the send button. URL redirection does not cost any money. 

How to avail of additional service for your virtual number system?

To do that, the first step is to buy a virtual phone number. Submit a request to set the desired additional service via your personal/business account. The technical support team of your service provider will configure your request and after the job is done, you will receive a confirmation email also.

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