An In-depth Guide for Affiliate Marketing with MilesWeb

People everywhere are looking for ways to monetize their online activities, especially after the global pandemic that made people realize the value of earning online. 

Affiliate marketing is a noted source of passive income, constituting about 15% of all the revenue generated by digital media. It is also one of the most rewarding marketing strategies to boost a company’s presence on the internet. It is no surprise that affiliate marketing has become a $12 billion industry growing at 10% annually.

The concept of affiliate marketing is simple:

The affiliate partner approaches a business entity to promote its products on his/her digital media platform. The business entity gets customer traffic from the affiliate that it tracks and compensates the affiliate accordingly based on the agreed commission. 

The affiliates can choose any way to do promotions like endorsements or reviews on their blogs, YouTube channel or social media profiles. The commission payouts are mostly steady and differ from business to business. 

MilesWeb Affiliate Program

MilesWeb is a well-known name in the web hosting industry and has been in existence since 2012. MilesWeb is hosting affiliate program for almost all digital creators on diverse online platforms. They are a perfect fit for developers, tech-savvy and internet geeks for affiliate marketing. However, MilesWeb’s affiliate program presents opportunities for all, unrestricted by the niche of your content. Not to mention they have a rewarding commission structure.

Continue reading and find out what MilesWeb’s affiliate program has to offer.


You can sign up as an affiliate with MilesWeb for zero fees or any other hidden charges. All you have to do is fill up a form with your standard personal details and consent to their terms and conditions agreement. 

The agreement has outlined their company policies for affiliates and commissions payout conditions that seemed to be fair enough for an affiliate marketing contract.

Once you fill in everything, you can signup and get your login details as a MilesWeb affiliate. To sweeten the deal, MilesWeb credits ₹1000 to your designated affiliate account as a signup bonus.

Affiliate Account

After signing up, you can log in to your affiliate account with MilesWeb’s affiliate portal, where you can monitor and organize your account statistics, banners, linking code, etc. 

Affiliates can easily monitor their payout status, payout history, links and many other essential attributes to ensure transparency with the company.

MilesWeb has taken exceptional measures to keep the affiliate experience at an optimum with its affiliate portal. Affiliates are free to view every detail about their work and remuneration with no shades. 

Affiliate Marketing with MilesWeb

Doing affiliate marketing with MilesWeb is a piece of cake. All you have to do is choose any means or medium to ensure that your audience would click your affiliate link.


MilesWeb provides its affiliates attractive banners to place in the header/footer section or right-sidebar/left-sidebar of their websites. You can choose any banner from their affiliate dashboard or the banners page. Embed your affiliate link in the promotional banners so that your audience can redirect to MilesWeb with your affiliation.

You even have the novelty to request a customized banner to be made for your website. MilesWeb’s affiliate marketing team would provide you the custom banner of your requirements within two or three days. Just send them your banner requirements at and, they will take care of the rest.

Affiliate links

Your affiliate links are unique and help MilesWeb track the traffic from its affiliates. The affiliate links redirect the audience to MilesWeb and associate your referral with them, qualifying you for a commission. 

Affiliate links can be used by you on many digital platforms online:

Social media: You can use any social media platform to promote MilesWeb online, be it Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. All you need to do is share your affiliate link with your post in a way that your audience can clearly recognize.

Videos: Create and post a video and promote MilesWeb by placing your affiliate link in the description.

Blog articles: If you have a blog, you may add your affiliate link in the fine text such that the reader can actively click the link. It is advisable to put the link such that the readers find relevance between the content and MilesWeb.

Emails: You even have the option of email marketing, where you can add your affiliate links in the call-to-action buttons in your email messages.

Payouts and Commissions

As mentioned earlier, you get ₹1000 as a signup bonus for MilesWeb’s affiliate program, which is payable after your aggregate affiliate account balance reaches ₹3000 where ₹1000 is signup bonus plus ₹2000 is your commission. The lump-sum amount is transferred directly to your designated bank or PayPal account. 

Their commissions are the best in the market as they give out ₹500 for cheap shared hosting, ₹1000 for reseller hosting and, ₹2500 for VPS hosting. With over 70 different hosting plans, MilesWeb provides fixed affiliate commissions that are different for every product and range between ₹200- ₹20,000. 

Click Here to get the complete list of MilesWeb’s affiliate commission structure for different plans. 

MilesWeb has a conveniently short withhold period and processes the commission in about 30 days.

Why do I Recommend MilesWeb’s Affiliate Program?

MilesWeb is one of the few web hosting companies with an affiliate program that some of the best affiliate marketers highly recommend.

The commissions are fixed but can prove rewarding as MilesWeb provides the highest cookie duration of 365 days for the affiliate link. Not only that, but also their commission payouts are the highest in the market.

MilesWeb even has a dedicated team that helps affiliates with their queries and handles commission processing and other relevant operations for them. The affiliate team lets you enjoy your affiliate experience with MilesWeb to the fullest. You can get in touch with them by email:


MilesWeb’s affiliate program has a uniquely rewarding commission system for affiliates. There are no special conditions for joining as an affiliate with MilesWeb and, you get paid indiscriminately, based upon the customers you helped them gain and the hosting plans they chose. 

I’m sure you would have great experiences with MilesWeb as an affiliate marketer.

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