Are Online Violin Lessons Worth It?

There is a famous saying from the renowned scientist Albert Einstein where he mentioned, “A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?” 

This can only be experienced once you start taking violin lessons. There is no other way to find the happiness he spoke of unless you take a violin class Singapore. 

Luckily, Rita Yeo, the owner of Stradivari Strings has made it easy for almost anyone to learn the violin amidst the worldwide pandemic, thanks to the online violin lessons. However, there’s still a question remaining, “Are online violin lessons the best fit for your musical journey?” Therefore, I will discuss online violin lessons in detail so that you get a clear idea of the scenario.

What Are The Different Types Of Violin Lessons?

When people talk about online lessons, they often think about hours of video tutorials on various video streaming websites. 

Such lessons aren’t tailored for persistent musicians. Instead, these lessons would only offer the convenience of taking a lesson whenever you want and working at your own speed. 

There are also a plethora of written guides and mobile applications available on the web. 

However, as Rita Yeo says, online violin class Singapore isn’t anything of that sort! When you take such classes, you have a dedicated violin teacher Singapore. They will teach you various aspects of the violin. With the help of different video chatting platforms, such classes are conducted at any time and at any place. 

What Are The Advantages Of Online Violin Lessons?

We already know the rush hour of the 21st century. And with the worldwide pandemic going on, anything that offers convenience is accepted. This is something that is quite familiar when I see my students taking online violin lessons

With the ease of accessibility, the ability to take lessons right from your home, what else do you need? You would literally have no excuse when it comes to your violin lessons. 

Online violin class Singapore is quite helpful for parents of the children who are taking these lessons. This is because the parents need not juggle their children’s activities and transport them between different lessons. 

Online violin lessons Singapore are designed so that they are made to fit your daily schedule. 

For those students living in remote areas, they too can now take online violin lessons. 

The relationship between a teacher and student is critical for a student’s success in being a successful violinist. If you aren’t restricted by location, then you have an excellent opportunity to find the best violin teacher Singapore. 

This also implies that you will find a violin teacher Singapore who can teach you specific styles or genres. 

There is also a bonus when it comes to online violin lessons. What, you ask? Well, you now have the option to record your lessons for practice sessions later. So you need not worry anymore about not taking enough notes or missing any great tips. 

And online lessons are always cheaper than traditional private lessons. 

With no transport cost involved either for the student or the teacher, there is a lot of money saved. In addition, the teacher also need not hire any space to conduct the lesson. 

However, you would need a good quality webcam and microphone. Most students would also have to buy new desktops or laptops preferably. But again, all that falls under one-time investment. You would also need to buy your instrument, of course! 

With that said, let us hop into some of the few disadvantages of online violin lessons as described by Rita Yeo of Stradivari Strings. 

What Are The Disadvantages Of Online Violin Lessons?

 The most significant disadvantage of online violin lessons is the lack of physical guidance. 

Rita Yeo says it becomes pretty difficult to show the students what they have to do or how to change something when she notices problems with their technique. 

It is necessary to keep a good posture and grip while playing the violin. However, this can be explained, instead of adjusted, during an online lesson with proper communication. 

Another disadvantage of online violin lessons Singapore is the lousy sound quality. I often use a microphone near my violin during the lessons. This gives my students an excellent sound. Yet, I wished the sound quality was better at my end too! 

Various other issues such as sound delay and internet latency always cause a problem. 

Yet again, if you want to learn from pre-recorded video tutorials, you may find the motivation to be a problem. 

So What is the Best Way to Get Started?

In a nutshell, you would need a good internet connection, a webcam and your instrument. 

I personally suggest my students at least have a broadband connection of 400 kbps internet speed. Of course, most broadband internet connections are faster than this, but it’s worth checking yours, just in case. 

You would also need a webcam. 

Always take some time to choose your violin teacher Singapore. First, you have to make sure that you find someone with whom you can work well.

Finally comes your instrument. 

Whenever you decide to learn a new musical instrument, you must find a method that works for you. 

Private online violin classes offer students the best of online convenience along with a traditional approach. 

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