ASUS M5A97 Overview – Best Price AM3 + Motherboard

The best price for AMD’s latest Octa Core processor is the ASUS M5A97, which looks forward to AM3 + motherboards. The board supports a wide range of CPUs from the latest processors in the Sempron, Athlon II, Phenom II and FX series.

The board is built under the 900 Series chipset platform, which is fully compatible with Zambezi’s state-of-the-art processor, ensuring that it works to its full potential. The 970X chip on this board is very similar to the 990X and 990FX. They differ only in the number of bands provided for the graphics, but the same capabilities of the 970X are unexpected.

Another important difference is that the SLI configuration is limited, so NVidia users will be annoyed at this point. However, this is a good idea if you are not connected to multiple GPU applications. The reason is to reduce its cost and make it available to the public at a very low cost.

Don’t get me wrong, cheap boards don’t mean shit. At the price you offer, you can do a lot more with the M5A97 to further it. The rest of the chip is connected to Southbridge’s popular SB950, which works with an interface connector.

This chip offers six SATA 6GB / s for maximum transmission speed Whatintop, which is gray in vertical position. 3GB / s is slow in data transfer here, but due to its full compatibility you can use it on a slow disk, but sometimes it can be slow.

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This panel looks good in a combination of traditional brown and blue, which is very similar to the M5A97 Evo, but differs in the number of rear I / O panel connectors. If you are planning for OS, there will be enough space for a large heater in the socket of the central processing unit.

With a maximum speed of 2133MHz and a 32GB memory module, four DIMM slots are coded in black and blue for the correct pairing in two channel configurations. They are well-placed in the graphics port so that there are no interruptions when loading large GPUs.


The most popular feature of all ASUS motherboards is the UEFI BIOS, which is even cheaper to use. The BIOS has EZ mode, which displays the most commonly used settings in CMOS settings, the second is the advanced mode, which allows experienced users to clear. UEFI BIOS also supports drivers larger than 2.2TB.

It includes Al Suite II user-friendly software, DIGI + VRM, EPU, TurboV and fan speed. Dual core processor EPU and TPU give you energy efficiency, which maximizes your efficiency when using less power. Congratulations! The task is to activate the motherboard, even if there are problems with memory compatibility.


As I mentioned earlier, the ASUS M5A97 is very similar to the M5A97 Evo and differs only in the number of ports, which is less to reduce the cost. The Evo amazes us with its 3.6 GHz to 4,515 GHz 1 GHz OS. However, due to the loaded OC features like 4 + 2 power phases, the same additional feature is expected on this board.

Of all the Asus boards, the board has been made as tough as we would expect, but the price offered is unexpectedly low, currently $ 94, which is good news for all the expensive enthusiasts. If you do not have multiple GPU configurations and do not need additional ports then this is the biggest blast for your bucket.

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