Benefits of a Master Key System for your business

Let’s have a look at the basics of the topic before diving into the benefits of using the system at your home or enterprise.

What is a Master Key System?

                        A Master Key System, it is made up of keys of different levels which the owners have for complete or restricted access to different locations within the business. Specific keys are used to open only a certain number of locks. This system ensures only a limited number of keys can be distributed amongst the staff members. The hierarchy of the levels of the system is developed by the authority level of the employees in the office.

What are the various levels of Master Key?

  There are 4 systematic levels of the master key-

  1. Great Grandmaster Key has the highest level of clearance and unlocks all systems. It includes all the keys from grandmaster key, master key, and change key. The key provides access to all the locks within the premises.
  1. Grandmaster Key has only a few restrictions or restricted access as compared to the great grand master key. The key includes the master key, change key locks; although it has the power to open all locks within the building.
  1. Master Key provides access to only particular areas of the building for locking and unlocking the locks. It contains the change key locks as well.
  1. Change Key has the lowest system lock. It is the type of keys that employees or staff members have access to. These keys have a particular lock and not on other locations of the office.

Benefits of a Master Key System

  1.             The vital point of such a system is that it makes it impossible to make a duplicate key of the system. This very feature provides the business owners or house owners control over the keys. If only a duplicate key is to be made, it has to be made after verification and permission of the owner.
  2.             The system allows you to keep track of all the keys along with the employees who have them. In case of theft, the location of the theft would notify who has access to the key.
  3.             A master key also allows you to develop the hierarchy of the keys and distribute them accordingly. The level of hierarchy provides the different levels of access and various authorization roles.
  4.             A single key means less number of keys to be distributed among the staff members, hence reducing the probability of keys being lost or stolen.
  5.             It is very convenient to use fewer keys than to use a handful of keys.
  6.             Determination of entry points with the system is much easier. The hierarchy corresponds to the security clearance and permission the key and the keyholder has.
  7.             Complete or limited access is achieved by providing the keys to the staff members. This also ensures unwanted entries in high-security areas.
  8.             The key tracking mechanism records all the information regarding the key being accessed by who and when. The unique number or the serial number assigned to the keys are the tracking data.

The above list of reasons depicts the security and confidentiality the Master Key System provides a business with. You can always change your locks to Master Key System at any given time by a service provider.

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