Best advices to use custom boxes wholesale for marketing

Over the years, custom packages have emerged as a backbone of the retail brands offering assistance in protection, display, and marketing. It is for this reason, we have seen a larger number of brands opting for custom boxes wholesale.  Unlike other packaging options, they are a blank canvas that allows you to break the physical barriers between your brand and customers. As a result, the target audience can feel more connected, which further boosts their confidence in you. There is no arguing over their potential to reach 100% of the target audience, as it has been proved in numerous publications now. All that needs to be argued now is the way through which you can utilize them for a spot on marketing.  

Never underestimate promotional elements:

Offering promotions is critical to all the marketing strategies. Consider your custom boxes as the promotional real estate to drive greater customer attention. With the printable texture, these packages are a blank canvas that let you communicate anything. For best results, print them with promotional elements like coupons proffering a significant price cut. Other elements like hidden URLs and QR codes can also be printed that lead the customers to your official websites. Smart NFC labels are also scan-able and take the audience to your brand’s website, where they get exposed to a plethora of promotional details. To take your brand’s marketing game to a whole next level, imprint the packages with interactive games. As a result, the target audience spends more time interacting with your packages, and the chances of your brand getting noticed an increase. 

Reveal social media existence:

Social media marketing is an easy way to approach the audience of a targeted niche. As a product manufacturer, you would have a digital presence where you interact with online customers. But, a lot of people, even your regular customers, are not aware of this. The best way to announce your social media presence is through packaging. 

Add links to your social media accounts on the top or forward-facing side of the custom packages where clients can see them easily. Also, remember to imprint a strong call-to-action that encourages them to hit follow. While adding the links, make sure you prefer the ones that regularly interact with the fan base. The more followers you have online, the more impressed are the customers when seeing your social media profiles. Every story or post the clients share online is a digital word of mouth that extends your brand’s visibility across the masses. 

Go for a themed packaging:

Loss of customers’ interest is a major reason why brands cannot succeed with their marketing goals. No design innovation in the packaging and keeping it the same all the time make the target audience numb towards your marketing efforts. Bearing that in mind, keep introducing variations that act as a target for the eyeballs and make the customers notice you. Take an example of a famous coffee brand Starbucks that regularly updates its packaging design according to themes of holidays and seasons. Just like that, small changes in the box design with the festivity of the season can help you win attention. Also, look out for major milestones your brand has accomplished recently. If you have completed successful 25 years in a specific product-making business, silver themes can hint at your silver jubilee. You can use specific color themes or a silver stamp in the design for this purpose. 

Come up with a social cause:

The retail clients show an increased inclination towards the brands that support a social cause. Too much pollution and ever-growing packaging wastes are hard to swallow for the customers. This is why the demand for items that come in green or sustainable packaging is higher as compared to other items. The custom packaging wholesale supplies are made as per the environment regulatory authorities’ standards. The use of recycled components in the manufacturing and consumption of lesser energy resources make them an ideal green option. Highlight the eco-friendly nature of your packages by printing slogans related to environmental sustainability. Numerous bigger retail brands are already leveraging the eco-friendliness of these packages to their advantage. Feature other ethical points of your brand as well in the design of these packages to promote your goodwill across the target market. 

Showoff appreciation:

The leading factor that boosts your brand marketing is promoting your goodwill by offering special gifts to customers. The more exquisite the gifts are, the more you get noticed in the buyers’ circle. The best way to show off customer appreciation is by placing product-specific add-ons inside the packages. For instance, if you are selling pizzas, you can insert some ketchup and sauces the clients like the most. Certain handwritten notes, specifically the ones that are target-oriented, are also best to get your brand remembered by the target audience. 

When looking to maintain a healthy bottom line, expenses need to be cut while the profit margins need to be enhanced. By purchasing the custom boxes wholesale supplies, you satisfy only one condition, i.e., curtailing your expenditures. For higher dividends, there is a dire need to get strategic with marketing through these packages. All the aforementioned tips are derived from expert studies, but you can come up with your own marketing ideas as well. 

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