Best Blogging Tips for Women In 2020 – Step By Step Guide

As the world is progressing, most people have started looking for ways that can prove bring them a heap of profits in terms of money on the web.

With that being said, starting off with a blogging page of your own can prove to be a fruitful idea, especially for the ladies out there. 

However, it isn’t easy to start a blog page of your own. There are tons of factors that you need to consider beforehand to avoid any type of inconvenience in the future.

In order to make sure that your blog page ranks on the first page of Google, you need to consider the SEO services Newyork.  

Hence to make it easier for you to kick start your blogging career efficiently, some tips and tricks are being provided to you below, that will surely provide you with a profound experience! 

Pick a Blog Name

One of the things that users often struggle with is choosing a good name for their blog.

Every user wants to come up with something that tends to be catchy, appealing, and would love by the audience out there. 

While brainstorming your brain to come up with an attractive name, we would advise you to try the site “Bust a name” out. 

This site is a free tool, you simply have to insert the keywords of how you want the name of your blog to be and some details about the niche of your blog.

This site will run its algorithm and will generate incredible results for you. Most of the people have chosen the names of their blogs as suggested by this site. 

Choose a Blog Host 

After choosing a unique and catchy blog name for your blogging page, now it’s time to get on with your blog hosting.

In order to make your blog name get live on the search engine, you would need to purchase your hosting.

Your hosting company will provide you with cloud storage over the web where all of your data and files will be stored. 

With that being said, you need to make sure that the blog hosting company you are opting for your blog page should comprise of professionals, as if your blog hosting companies won’t be efficient enough, you won’t be able to run your blog page over the web with ease.

Hence this factor can’t be neglected at any cost. 

Customize Your Blog 

People nowadays tend to get attracted to a site that comes in handy with appealing details and catchy highlights.

The more attractive your blog page will look, the more organic traffic you will be able to generate to your blog page. 

In order to customize your blogs, you need to determine that the layout of the visuals present in your blog should match the detail and the background.

The text present should be easy for the user to read. Choose the theme of your blog wisely, that should match with the topic of your blog.  

These are all the necessary details that you need to consider while customizing your blog page. 

Protect Your Blog 

As a gradual increase has been a witness in the crimes that are done over the web, you need to make sure that your blog page remains secure in every possible way.

Hacking attempts to steal your blog away from you are the common practices that have been prevailing on the web lately. 

Hence you can’t neglect this factor, with that being said, in order to make your site secure you can activate the security of WordPress, and to further increase the security you can take the help of google analytics. 

Add Standard Blog Pages 

Before uploading your content on your blog page with consistency, you need to make sure to add relevant pages to your blog.

These are the pages that people expect to see whenever they visit your blog. These pages include the home page, contact page, feedback page and etc.

These standard blog pages convey a sense of legitimacy to the users about your blog and will help you to make your blog page grow instantly. 

Whenever a viewer may need to contact you for business-related purposes, he will look for the contact page on your blog.

Whenever a viewer may need to know more about you, he will look for the about me page, hence these standard pages have their own worth and should be included on your site. 

Setup a Custom Blog Email Address

Create a new email address by using the name of your blog, and provide the email address on your official blog page, as if anyone ever wishes to contact you for a business-related purpose, he might approach you on this particular email address.  

Register Social Media Accounts 

People love to follow their favorite bloggers on their social media platforms, and with that being said, it makes it important for you to create new business social media accounts with the name of your blogging page, where you can interact with your fans oftenly. 

Decide on A Blog Posting Schedule 

Last but not least, in order to make your fan stick around your page for prolong time, you need to post content on your blog with super consistency.

And to do it in a profound manner, you can sketch and layout a posting schedule for your own ease, which will make it easier for you to determine, what should be posted on a specific date.


According to the professional, starting off with a blog page of your own, from the scratch may seem to be a dry task, however, once you start to learn things and get deeper into a blogging career, you will know what worth it comes in handy with. 

Starting a blogging page is all about setting your content up, promoting your blog so that it becomes visible to a larger audience, and running your blog with consistency. 

With that being said, success is a factor that’s achieved over time, if you invest the right amount of hard work, dedication, and devotion to your blog, then nobody can stop you to make your blog stand out of the average blogs out there, for sure!

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