Best Ethernet Cables for Your 10G Networks

The need for faster speeds to handle the demands of modern applications has been driving the industry towards this new technology. However, as with any major change there are some considerations that need to be made before implementing it into your network infrastructure.

One of those considerations is picking out what type of cables you want to use. In article we will explore these different types and tell you what is Best Gaming Ethernet Cable.

Most Popular Ethernet Cables

There are two main types of cables that you might find yourself using when networking with the new standard. The first is Category-A cabling, which refers to traditional copper cabling like Cat-550e or Cat-657. These cables will work on your network but they do not support all four pairs of wire used in a typical Ethernet cable (which means it can’t achieve speeds higher than 100Gbps).

The other type is called AOC Cables and these consist of more modern technology designed for use within high speed networks; essentially they act as an intermediary between category-a equipment and fiber optic devices. They often feature active electronic components along their length that boost performance while also allowing them to maintain backwards compatibility with traditional Cat-A cabling.

Best Choice For Gaming

When you are looking to use the best gaming cable for your network, there is one type that stands out among all others Cat6a Cable. This type of cable is the newest in the Cat line for Ethernet Cable.

It has been designed to meet and exceed some of the new standards set by its predecessor, but it still manages to maintain backwards compatibility with previous versions as well as current ones such as Cat-Ethernet or even those that are rated at Cat-Cables.

The reason this type stands out over others is because of two key attributes: performance and cost effectiveness. While other types on this list might outperform a standard cat cable, they don’t come anywhere close to what you can get from a high end cat sixa cable like Siemon’s S66AOWL01 which we sell here on our site (link).

With throughput speeds up to 500 MHz and effective crosstalk at the 100 MHz level, you can be sure that this cable is going to perform well. And given its slim design, it will help reduce clutter and improve airflow in your data centers as well so that they run more efficiently overall.

Cost Effectiveness

As for cost effectiveness, these cables aren’t any more expensive than their predecessors but provide a better performance value. This means that if you are looking to upgrade from Cat-Cables or even Cat-Ethernet cables then this might be the perfect way of doing it without breaking the bank along with getting an increase in throughput speeds throughout your network infrastructure which makes them Best Gaming Ethernet Cable on the market.

Implications of Cat6a Cable

One of the biggest advantages to using Cat-Cables is that they are backwards compatible with previous versions. This means that if you have already invested in a network infrastructure then this could be an inexpensive way of upgrading it which makes them Best Gaming Ethernet Cable for your needs.

However, one thing to keep in mind when looking at these cables is their performance over distance. Since cat sixa cable isn’t able to carry signals as effectively or efficiently through longer distances you will want to make sure that whatever cabling system you use has enough room built into it so that all nodes can connect without utilizing too much space between each other.

If not, you might see some speed degradation depending on how far away from the node it begins and where the bottleneck in the infrastructure happens to be.

Cat6a Cable Types

So, what are other types of Cat-Cable that you can use? Well, there isn’t much variety when it comes to this technology. However, there are a few different ones out on the market which we will discuss in further detail:

Cat-Ethernet Cable – This is still very prevalent and one of the most common forms for Ethernet Cabling but does not provide anywhere near the performance levels as its successor so should be avoided if possible. Best Gaming Ethernet Cable

Cat-Optic Cable – These cables utilize lasers instead of traditional cabling systems such as copper wires or fiber optics. While they do offer high throughput speeds and higher rates than standard cat cable options they also come at an extremely high price point making them almost impossible to justify in most cases.

Cat-Cable – This is the predecessor of Cat-Ethernet Cable and still provides good performance levels, but lacks the throughput speeds that are available through its successor making it Best Gaming Ethernet Cable when being used with newer network infrastructure.


there are a lot of different types of cables that you can use to connect your networking equipment together. However, when it comes down to the Best Gaming Ethernet Cable then we would have to recommend Cat-Cables or even higher end models like Siemon’s S66AOWL01 which we sell here on our website (link).

Both provide excellent performance and cost effectiveness and will help maintain backwards compatibility with previous versions as well as future ones for years to come making them perfect for those who don’t want an upgrade but need one now

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