Best 3 Romantic Movies You might have Missed

Cinema has produced some of the most beautiful and idealistic films ever made: Casablanca, Brief Encounter, and others have a passionate, unironic passion at their core.

Gone With the Wind and Doctor Zhivago were great movies that gave romantic love something grand and epic, but it was An Affair to Remember who introduced us to the domestic idea of the chick flick/date movie. This romantic film is loved by women and tolerated even by their husbands.

Our Top 3 Picks

Here are the romantic movies that you should definitely watch:

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Boy meets girl. They fall in love. The boy gets bored of the girl. In a bizarre brain-zapping process, the girl erases all memories of the boy from her mind. The boy discovers and does the exact same. It’s a Charlie Kaufman romantic movie. This movie takes its title from an Alexander Pope 1717 poem and shows the side of love that most movies try to ignore. It also shows the awkward moments, boredom, and bad habits that can drive couples apart. It’s not love, but it is.

This isn’t the story of a shattered relationship, as you would expect from Being John Malkovich or Adaptation. Jim Carrey plays Joel Barish as a shy, greyish man with unusual restraint. Clementine Kruczynski, a brilliant Kate Winslet, is reckless, free-spirited, and prone to dye her hair blue. In the film’s first scenes, they meet on a train that travels through Long Island’s wintery landscape. It’s almost as if they have never met before. Their strange attraction is due to the fact they were once lovers. Lacuna Inc is a New York-based company that helps clients forget their pasts.

Eternal Sunshine was Kaufman’s second collaboration with Michel Gondry. Kaufman’s French director, Michel Gondry, was a perfect match for Kaufman’s loose script. We are taken inside Joel’s past as it is being removed. It seems that the film’s idea – that a couple can delete one another after a painful breakup to live in blissful ignorance – is a pessimistic view of love. As Joel searches for and is zapped his memories of Clementine, he sees a few rays of hope. He remembers that there were happy times before all the misery. Why did they fall in love with each other? Kaufman makes love, despite all its flaws, seem like the most precious thing on the planet. Watch this movie on Cinema HD for free. You can download Cinema HD Apk by clicking on the link.

In the Mood for Love

Wong Kar-wai is meticulous in filming a film. He starts without a script and waits to see what the mood takes him. His actors rarely have a larger picture. This is a sexy romance about two cuckolded neighbors (Tony Leung & Maggie Cheung), who fall in love. The rich colors of the film are rendered by Christopher Doyle, Wong’s regular cinematographer (and Mark Lee Pingbin who took over when the shooting schedule was overrun), and are filled with nostalgia and sweetness.

This is a story about love blossoming from rejection. However, it also shows the director’s infatuation for cinema. He can make a scene move, add music or adjust the film speed. This makes him stand out from other directors who would be unfit to direct a nativity play. Doyle watches the tentative encounters from behind lamps or cabinets, or under a bed. You might think that Wong hired a private investigator to capture the cinematographer’s skillful compositions.

This is an unorthodox romance that is widely considered to be Wong’s best work. It is just as perfect as you’d expect from a Wong movie. The movie’s costumes and props may be sought-after by viewers. These include the silk and gossamer gowns worn with Audrey Hepburn poise and the brilliantine that gives Leung her Clark Gable look. Or the snazzy noodles with which these almost-lovers collect supper at a basement cafe. There is more to this movie than style, unlike its 2004 sequel, 2046. Its final scene is heartbreaking and more than just substantiates that it is a Brief Experience for the 21st Century. Watch this movie on the BeeTV apk now.

Before Sunrise/Before Sunset/Before Midnight

A train traveling through Europe brings together a young American man and a French girl in their 20s. They meet in Vienna and wander around for 14 hours, shooting the breeze. Although Before Sunrise’s plot could have been written on a Eurail ticket (it’s true), it’s the dialogue Celine (Julie Delpy), and Jesse (Ethan Hawke), say and do during their Austrian walkabout, that makes it what it is. It’s a gentle, but canny GenX fusion of My Dinner With Andre, and Judy Garland’s shore-leave romance The Clock.

The movie shows the couple as they chat, flirt, joke around, and kiss. Linklater’s camera is a gentle and unobtrusive friend. We feel time passing away and the dawn coming. Celine and Jesse make a promise to meet up in Vienna six months after the day ends. This arrangement was pre-Facebook and had a fragile quality.

Before Sunset is the sequel to 2004’s original. Jesse is now a successful writer and has a novel about a one-night stand. He meets Celine in Paris for the second installment. Things have changed since then, as the couple takes a walk around the city. Jesse and Celine are no longer young hopefuls with their lives mapped out ahead of them. They must now admit to their disappointments and resentments. Their conversation is short and sweet. They only have about 80 minutes to talk (which is shown in real-time in the film) before Jesse has to return home to his child and wife in the US. This melancholy scene is filled with a genuine, but a tender portrait of a symbiotic romance. It also features one of the most ingenious and captivating endings in cinema.

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