Best Ways to Resolve Quickbooks Error PS033

QuickBooks Error Code PS033 is experienced when you install the most recent payroll update or access the company file. The payroll error PS033 occurs due to the damaged file inside the CPS’ folder. Following this issue, the user may have difficulty downloading the latest payroll updates and they can’t open the company’s file. This blog will fix this problem in a thorough manner by going through a detailed discussion of its causes and signs. Therefore, read this blog until the end to get all information about the error.

QuickBooks Payroll Error PS033: An Overview

Before you begin correcting QuickBooks Error PS033 with the solutions explained below, it’s crucial to know what Quickbooks Payroll is.  QuickBooks payroll comes integrated with software and offers a variety of options as well. It aids businesses in calculating the salary of employees, paying distribution, documenting annual earnings, and more. This feature is extremely useful to small and medium-sized enterprises. Quickbooks is widely regarded as the most effective accounting software, offering the ability to make contactless payments and invoice generation, and accounting for expenses and taxes. With these capabilities, it’s evident that errors can irritate users to a high extent.

Reasons Behind PS033 Error in Quickbooks

  • Payroll subscriptions are not active.
  • You have renamed the CPS folder.  
  • The damaged files within the CPS folder can also trigger QuickBooks Error PS033
  • Broken Quickbooks Software.
  • Invalid Windows Version installed in the system.
  • Wrong billing details.
  • QBs Desktop Files contains PS033 error.
  • Wrong EIN- Employer Identification Number.
  • Incorrect Service Key.
  • Using Quickbooks Improperly.
  • Windows isn’t compatible with QBs.
  • Unregistered Software.
  • Incorrect PSID is also the reason for the QuickBooks Error PS033

Things To Do Prior Troubleshooting PS033 Problem

A. Create a Company File Backup

  • Open QuickBooks
  • Hover to “File”
  • Navigate to “Back Up Company”.
  • Hit the option “Create Local Backup”.  
  • Then follow the screen instructions to make a backup of your company file.  

B. Updating QuickBooks Desktop

  • Firstly, close QuickBooks.
  • Thereafter hold “Ctrl” and make sure you don’t release it until the software opens up on the window.  
  • Now hover to “Help”.
  • Tap on “Update QuickBooks”.  
  • Hit the option “Update Now”.
  • Now click “Get Updates”.  
  • Once QuickBooks has been updated, click Close

Methods to Resolve QuickBooks PS033 Error Faster

If you encounter QuickBooks Error PS033 then follow the steps in the next section to get rid of this problem forever.

Method 1: Reboot your System

This is the most simple procedure to follow and will eliminate major QB errors from scratch. Check out the steps listed below:

  • Firstly, open “Quickbooks”.  
  • Perform “Verify and Rebuild Data”.
  • Here, it’s necessary to update your QB desktop with the most recent version.  
  • Thereafter, reboot your system then start updating the Quickbooks Tax Payroll table.  
  • In the end, simply restart the system to see if the QuickBooks PS033 Error is resolved or not.  

Method 2: In Quickbooks Account, Download Latest Payroll Tax Table

  • To begin, you open “QuickBooks”.  
  • Navigate to “Employees”.  
  • Thereafter, tap on “Get Payroll Updates”.  
  • Now, click “Download Entire Payroll Updates”.  
  • Moving on, tap “Update” in order to get all the updates in the system.  
  • The update is successfully completed.

Method 3: Step 1: Running ‘Verify’ Utility

  • Firstly close all windows.  
  • Thereafter tap on “File”.
  • Choose “Utilities”.
  • Hit “Verify Data”.  
  • If the company file data is unaffected then you won’t encounter any further problems and you can continue using QuickBooks.  

However, if the problem persists, then proceed with step 2 below. 

Step 2: Run ‘Rebuild’ Utility

  • Firstly open “QuickBooks”.  
  • Thereafter tap on “File”.
  • Choose “Utilities”.
  • Click on “Rebuild Data”.
  • You must then press the OK button when you see an affirmation dialog box to save the backup.  
  • Now come to the backup location, hit “OK” to continue  
  • If it asks you to replace the backup that was saved, choose the option “No”. Save the backup using the appropriate name. Hit “Save”.  

After saving the backup, the “Rebuild utility” process will begin. Tap on “OK” after the resolving process is finished. 

Method 4: Disable UAC

  • Firstly, tap on “Windows+R”.
  • Now enter “Control Panel” there. Hit “OK”.
  • Thereafter, tap on “User Accounts” and hit again on the same-named option i.e “User Accounts”.  
  • Tap “Change UAC”.  
  • Move your cursor to “Never Notify”.
  • Simply click “OK”.  
  • In the end, attempt to update QBPayroll.  

Method 5: Renaming QuickBooks

  • For renaming the CPS folder, navigate to C:\Program Files\Intuit\QB20QQ\ Components\Payroll\CPS  

Version XX here directs to the version number of your program like 2019, 2018, etc.

  • Now, simply right-tap on the QB “CPS” folder.  
  • Thereafter, select “Rename”.     
  • Now, add OLD after the last name of the file in order to change it.  
  • Then, update QB pay tax tables.  

Method 6: Update QuickBooks With The Newest Release

If you’re unable to rectify Quickbooks Error Code PS033 even after Quickbooks download payroll updates or making efforts then follow these instructions:

  • Firstly, close “Quickbooks”.  
  • Thereafter, come to the desktop. There tap on “Start” and write “QuickBooks” in the appeared search bar.  
  • Now right-tap on the icon for QB and choose the option “Run as an Administrator”  
  • Once done, hover to the window “No Company File” and push “F2”.  
  • Once you’re finished, click on “Help” and choose “Update QuickBooks”.  
  • Hit the option “Mark All” and click “Save”.  
  • Click “Update Now” and mark the box “Reset Update”.
  • Now click “Download Updates”.  
  • Wait for a few minutes to complete this procedure.
  • Now click “OK” for the installation of the latest updates.  
  • Finally, reboot your system via Safe Mode and try again to update the QB Payroll Tax Table.  

Final Words

We’ve explained everything related to QuickBooks Error PS033 and all troubleshooting techniques to resolve this error. These experts recommended solutions will not only fix the issue but prevent it from troubling you again.

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