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The creation of stylish and attractive websites in 2021 is a heavy task. With the invention of several tools and website builders, the Best Website Development Company Bangalore choose the best ones, to begin with. This article will help you in understanding the best 4 website builders and what benefits they have.

List of content in this article:

  • Higher Demand- Higher Supply
  • Word Press
  • Weebly
  • Bootstrap
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Summing It Up


With the advancement in the technological industry, several tools serve a similar purpose. Choosing the best amongst them is a task. Numerous software development tools are available for use. Developers use these tools regularly for an effective result. Searching for the best website builder is somewhat critical. The software usability helps in simplifying the software development process. This software is designed with modern solutions to help the Best Web Development Services Provider Companies to build productive websites.

The website software allows the software developers to use the proven libraries instead of writing the functions. Thus, this automated feature helps to save time and speed up the development process.

Let us look at some of the Best Website Builders in 2021:


Recognized as the best web development platform, Word Press offers several options to create any form of a website. The features and settings help to build unique designs which implement concepts without any boundations. However, many people misunderstand the working of Word Press. You must be familiar with basic coding to use this platform. Setting up and managing Word Press requires some knowledge about coding. There are unlimited options for web development on this platform.

With customizable readymade themes, you can easily choose what suits your preferences the best. Applauded as the most popular website development software, it is an open-source platform with an option to create new features. The Best Website Development Company Chandigarh rely on Word Press themes a lot. Furthermore, there are a plethora of plug-ins, contributing to its huge library for the website development process. Hence, Word Press is extremely flexible in its use.

Main Benefits:

  • Offers a Free Version
  • Numerous custom plug-ins
  • The vast library of resources
  • Huge community
  • Merging with the third party resources

Another top software builder is Weebly. This platform is considered to be the most appropriate for budding developers. It is simple to use as a drag and drop builder. There are about 40 themes in it. Weebly incorporates a relatable design interface and e-Commerce capabilities.

This platform will also allow you to use your code functions. Hence, you can make your website more unique and original this way. Weebly also offers features such as tracking performance metrics and customizable SEO with the help of digital marketing tools.

Widgets, maps, feedback forms can be easily added on. You can add your own HTML Code. You tube videos, flash animations, and various multimedia objects are also featured as features within this platform.

What’s More:

  • Easy to use
  • Option to use a plethora of Weebly apps
  • Managing Teams
  • Templates and Themes which are responsive

HTML, CSS, and JS library combine the most widely used Bootstrap. It helps in the faster creation of web pages. The tool Bootstrap is supported by all browsers. You can create a web page layout with flexible options on this platform. Comprising HTML and CSS layout skills, any developer may start using Bootstrap. It is an easy-to-use platform with extensive documentation. Bootstrap develops website pages that are easily accessible on devices such as mobile phones, desktops.

There are several J Query Plug-ins, to make your site more interactive.

Benefits of this platform:

  • Options to create a responsive website
  • Basic layout skills to begin with
  • Sleek consistency – all Bootstrap components are in amiability with one another
  • Cross-program similarity

This platform is considered to be one of the top website building software. Adobe Dreamweaver serves the purpose of creating CSS as well as HTML codes. It helps in the combination with other Adobe products. This platform is a professional application for website development. It provides an integrated scenario for drafting web pages.

The Main Benefits:

  • Auto Substitution
  • Error Identification
  • Visualization of code
  • Git Support
  • Customizable templates based on codes


There are several web development tools with unique features. This article is a good reference for the Best Web Development Service Provider Companies.

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