Buyer Measure the Right Outdoor Blind Size for a Flawless Window

Several individuals face an issue when installing outdoor blinds because the size of the window treatment is too big or short. There are several reasons, and the most important one is that the measurement taken by people is not accurate. This happens because they don’t have the tools and are unaware of the techniques.

Tips for Measuring the Right Size of an Outdoor Blind

Homeowners need to know how the correct window measurement is taken for installing blinds. The window treatment supplying company’s installation team will measure the blinds’ size by using different techniques and perfectly install them. The following tips must be considered, along with measuring height and width.

Using the Most Suitable Tools

Measuring the correct width and height is the most important thing and can be achieved if suitable tools are used. The window treatment installation team has various tools to measure the window size.

The Window Measured in Various Parts

The window has to be divided into three sections; top, centre, and bottom. If house owners are taking the measurement themselves, then ensure that you take the size of the window thrice on all three levels. This will make it easy for the installation team to confirm the measurements.

Take Diagonal Measurements of Patio Blinds

Sometimes taking diagonal measurements of the outdoor blinds can prove beneficial because if you have miscalculated the width and height, then the diagonal measurement might correct it. The installation team will measure the windows and know how to calculate them.

Measure the Window Blinds More

Clients must ensure that the measurement sent to the window treatment companies like Outdoor Blinds Perth is half or one inch more than the original width and length. You will want the blinds to cover the window completely; so that no light enters from any of the four corners.

Window Blinds are Mounted Inside Or Outside

If the blinds are mounted inside, the operation mechanism will be hidden, so window blinds should have an exact measurement to fit within the window. But for outside mounted blinds, the measure can be at least one inch extra than the original size.

Measuring Simple Window is Easy

Windows with simple geomatic shapes like rectangles, squares, or combo are easy to measure because the design is uncomplicated. You need to measure the width and length of these windows with the help of a measuring tape, paper, and pencil to note down the measurement.

Take Measurement Carefully of Specialty Windows

The measurements of the specialty windows are different because of their shape. The installation team will know the proper techniques to measure windows with a unique shape. The shapes combined to make the window are measured separately.

Windows with Curves and Arches

Sometimes windows are long and have curves at the top. These windows are measured in full length like the normal ones. Outdoor waterproof blinds fully cover them.

The Round-Shaped Windows

The round or oval-shaped windows are measured in square and rectangular sizes. This is the same technique that installers user to cover the windows with arches and curves.

Remember to Follow the Point Mentioned

It can sometimes happen that clients might forget the points mentioned above. They can write these points down after discussing them with outdoor blind installers. Also, the installers will survey your house and the windows to know which tools and methods can be used to measure the length and width.

These are the essential tips that clients should know when preparing to measure the window blinds. Also, they have to ensure that the installers follow these instructions.


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