Career Potential of Data Science

Thanks to digital platforms, we are now in this century that is dominated by big data. Doing Post Graduate in Data Science is a great career move for every aspiring candidate trying to pick the best job for themselves. The field of data science is one of the most exciting disciplines in the corporate world, and it is continuously growing.

The data scientists work hard to diagnose business issues, apply algorithms & analyze data, decode a solution and find recommendations backed by the data. The demand for data scientists and business intelligence services is expected to boost in the coming years, as more than 95% of businesses are facing difficulties in managing their unstructured data.

Looking at the rising market, technologists, IT professionals, graduates, postgraduates in data science can open various new opportunities for aspirants by helping them make a significant contribution to any company’s business prospects.

We are listing down some paths for the candidates that post-graduation degree in data science can offer:

Chief Data Officer (CDO)

More than 57% of the companies have a formal title of Chief Data Officer (CDO) on their management teams, which makes data science more vital at the current time. Usually, more than 50% of these CDOs report directly to the CEO of the company. Data Scientists are the rising star that brings them to the executive table, and more than 85% of respondents in a survey say that data-driven cultures have started in their firms.

Chief data officers and scientists create and support data-driven culture, distribute data insights and find new ways to innovate how data is utilized to drive better business services, products, and processes.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning

Two terms: AI and machine learning, are now considered synonymous with data science. Both of these are the factors that are making data science the future. According to reports shared by Indeed, the term AI and machine learning are included in job descriptions for about 75% of data scientist job descriptions.

Applicants who are post graduates in data science get better opportunities and fast recognition as compared to a graduate. As the demand for AI-skilled candidates has more than doubled, data scientists specializing in AI & machine learning tools have enhanced competitive positions and better opportunities to lock down senior positions.

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Data Monetization Leader

Data science is most impactful when it has a clear and significant financial impact on the business once the business model is stated. Big companies hire data analytics teams to help improve the way supply chains, control costs, and sales operations are managed.

The next big frontier for the data science field is to monetize data. A report by MIT highlighted the uses of how companies are monetizing data science to optimize internal-facing process operations and boost external-facing processes client services. Geo-targeting customers for tourism and retail, click-stream and smart targeting insights for digital advertisers, Internet of Things (IoT) applications, and fraud detection for financial institutions are the areas these data companies focus on to drive revenue.

Applications Architect

The most important role of an application architect is to supervise how customers interact with the applications. The applicant supervises the operation, progression of the company and tracks applications. The responsible person should be scrupulous about the applications they build and design.

The qualifications required are a post graduate in data science and computer science, certifications in programming and architectural designs. Only highly skilled candidates are selected for this position as the competition is very high.

Market Insights Service

An internal working environment of data analysis is staffed to generate the insights required to improve processes, monetize data and reduce costs. A segment called insights as a service is generated in the industry that outsource the data intelligence needs.

The insight service market doubles the subscriptions and gains traction over time, as more than 66% of the enterprises outsource between 11% to 75% of their business intelligence application. The insight service provides financial and performance benefit analysis to optimize investment decisions.

More Career Potential of Data Science

With a growing need for qualified data scientists in the industry, the employment market for data engineers is robust. As per the recent jobs report by Glassdoor list of the 50 Jobs in America, several job openings, salary and overall job satisfaction resulted in Data Scientist post ranking at number 1 with more than 4000 job openings, while data engineer post ranking at number 3 with more than 2500 job openings and analytics manager ranking at number 5 with almost 2000 job openings.

The increase in the speed, variety of flowing data into organizations, and quantity use big data in computer systems. The large quantities of data are organized and utilized in making informed decisions by the data scientists to help the company grow.

Following are a few more high paid jobs for Data Science:

Machine learning engineer

Machine learning scientist

Data architect

Infrastructure architect


Business Intelligence analyst

Enterprise architect


The demand and opportunities for post graduates in data science are growing very fast. Whether you are looking to move forward and add a new skill to your talent or want to experience hands-on hands experience in your field, Data Science is a unique path mastery just waiting to be followed.

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