Careers you can get with a MSCJ Degree

Criminal Justice Degree

            People with a degree in criminal justice can work in a variety of areas in the criminal justice system, including corrections, cybercrime, homeland security, forensic psychology, forensic science, or law enforcement to name a few. All these careers have their part in keeping communities safe and secure. These careers are great for people who want to help others in their communities.

Corrections Career

            There are several careers under the heading of corrections. These careers include a corrections officer in a jail or a prison. A corrections officer is responsible for keeping the jail or prison and the inmates safe and secure. You will need a criminal justice masters that you can get from many universities. They are on the front line of the corrections system and need to have a tough skin and sense of composure because they can get caught up in some stressful situations.

You could also be a pretrial services officer, and officer that works with inmates awaiting trial. These officers will check into the inmate’s background to see if they are a flight risk and recommend to the judge if they should receive a bond or not.

Another career you could check into would be that of a bailiff, an officer that works in the courts keeping order in the courts. They deliver court documents to the judge from the lawyers, escort witnesses to and from the courtroom, and watch lawyers and witnesses to make sure jurors are not influenced by others. You also have to protect the witnesses, the plaintiffs, and others in the courtroom, keeping them safe.

A probation officer is another career under the corrections umbrella. A probation officer will support people who are placed on probation and not sent to prison. This officer will make sure the people do not commit more crimes, get them assistance they may need, and evaluate their progress.The probation officer will try to keep the person out of prison or jail.

You could also become a substance abuse counselor, helping people overcome addictions, and do this in a correctional setting. They will help create treatment plans, evaluate inmates physical and mental health, and educate the inmate about their addiction. A substance abuse counselor will help the inmate try to overcome their addictions.

One more career that you could choose under the corrections umbrella would be that of a warden. A warden is responsible for the management and oversight of the correctional facility or prison. The warden will be responsible for budgets, hiring and training new employees, and setting policies for the facility.


            Engineering and architecture careers can come under cyber security or cybercrime. A security engineer will use knowledge of threats and vulnerabilities to create and apply defense systems against security threats. A security architect will design structures that are secure and safe. For more information about cybercrime specialists, you can look at this site. There is lots of information there to help you decide if this is the career for you.

An incident responder will monitor a company’s network and fix any security issues that come up. Digital forensic investigators retrieve data from digital devices to investigate cybercrimes. These responders will help companies to find out if their systems are being hacked and will help the companies find out who the hackers are.

Homeland Security

            There are many careers in Homeland Security that you could choose with a degree in criminal justice. One such career is a secret service agent, an agent that is trained to protect leaders of our country. This is one of the most prestigious careers under Homeland Security, one that many people seek to do. Secret service agents are the ones that you see protecting the President of the United States, as well as other important politicians.

Another career is a civil engineer, a person that works for Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA. A civil engineer will be responsible for designing, building,and taking care of the nations tunnels, water systems, airports, roads, and other infrastructure needs. They make sure our nation’s infrastructure is safe for all of us.

You could also be a US postal inspector, a person responsible for protecting our mail and postal employees. This career has been around longer than our constitution and is a very important career. Postal inspectors make sure that there is nothing dangerous sent through the mail and if there is, they help to find out where the dangerous items came from and bring them to justice.

Another exciting career under Homeland Security is a CIA agent, or Information Security Agent. This career will have you analyze security structures, apply security audits, support infrastructures, and work with sensitive data. CIA agents are known to protect us from outside agencies, as well.

Forensic Psychology and Forensic Science

            As a forensic psychologist, there are many careers that you may do, including a victim’s advocate. As a victim’s advocate, you will work with crime victims and traumatic event survivors to help them to understand their case and the legal ramifications of that case.

You could also become a crime analyst which is someone that works with crime profiles anddetecting criminals by analyzing data from a crime scene and using that information to catch criminals. If you want more information about a crime analyst you can see this website: You can find information about the career and the salary you can make by doing it.

Law Enforcement Officer

                Law enforcement officers, or police officers are responsible for keeping communities safe and secure as they work with the communities to prevent crimes. Moreover, They also control traffic and patrol neighborhoods to watch for crimes. Also, they write citations as they are needed and deliver warrants, and arrest the bad guys.


                There are many great and exciting careers that you can do with a master’s in criminal justice. Some of these careers can be dangerous, but they all protect our communities and our country in so many ways. Get your degree and help out your neighbors.

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