Changes in wedding rule due to Covid-19 in UK

The Covid 19 pandemic of 2020 changed life as we know it in more ways than one. All of a sudden we found ourselves working from home as the governments across the world grappled to tame the virus and imposed social distancing norms. Public places such as parks, stadiums and malls were shut indefinitely and only essential services were allowed to operate. Social gatherings were banned because of which festivals and weddings were severely affected.

Since people couldn’t travel and gather in huge numbers there was a shift seen in the way weddings took place during the pandemic. The ones who wanted a grand wedding had to postpone their wedding plans, while the people who couldn’t wait to get married did so in an intimate ceremony. This intimate ceremony took place at home with people attending the wedding on video calls where the bride happily showed off her hidden halo engagement ring UK. As time passed, people were allowed to get married in the presence of a restricted number of people in a venue that had to be carefully selected and which enforced social distancing rules. It was imperative for the venue to provide table service whereas dancing and singing were not allowed in the wedding receptions.

A year has passed and things have slowly started getting back to normal with the government easing restrictions. The malls, restaurants and other public places have started opening up with limited capacity. The government has declared certain guidelines that need to be followed for people meeting in large groups. The rule for social gatherings and weddings have changed with effect from 19th July 2021. Here is what you need to know if you plan to get married after this date.

There is no limit to the number of people who can attend a wedding function. You are free to choose the wedding venue where it is not mandatory to follow social distancing rules or wear a face mask. The restrictions for singing and dancing have also been lifted and there will be no requirement for table service. People can have fun and dance their heart out at your wedding reception. If you planning to get married indoors then you can do so in the presence of a maximum of six people or two families i.e. the family of the bride and groom. If one of the persons getting married is seriously ill then a maximum of 30 individuals can be a part of the wedding. A wedding function that is taking place in a private place outdoors will require an assessment of potential risk in order to calculate the number of guests it can host safely without endangering their lives.

Although a lot has changed about how weddings used to take place before the pandemic, the excitement and happiness associated with the ceremony remains the same whether you get married at home or in a grand function outdoors. You still get to shop for a ring from Wedding Rings Hatton Garden and dress up in a beautiful dress which you’ve been dreaming of all your life.

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