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Where do you host your content? Is it on your own website or on third-party platforms such as WordPress and Shopify? If you haven’t considered the difference between using a hosted WordPress platform for your content and your own website, now you have a chance to start. In this blog, the benefits and pitfalls of using external websites to distribute and share content are discussed.

We will talk about ecommerce platforms, places like WordPress, basically you have a place to host a WordPress platform, a hosting content platform. This is someone else’s network. You don’t have to set up your own website, but at the same time you need to provide content for its website.

I think this has become very popular. Look, WordPress and Shopify are really the two big names that many people have contributed to in the past two days. Shopify is very concerned about B2B, WordPress entrepreneurship, new media, and new ideas.

So I think because of the rise of these things, we see many people asking themselves, “Should I create my own content platform? Do I need to build a WordPress cheap web hosting subfolder on my website? Or can I use WordPress, because it has all these advantages, right?” So, let me try to answer these questions for you today.

So, what can the hosting platform achieve?

Well, registering and starting to create them is very simple. You insert your name, email, and password. You don’t need to set up DNS. You do not need to set up the host. You can start publishing immediately. This is really simple and convenient.

This also means that for many marketers, they don’t have to involve their engineering or their web development team. That’s also great.

There are also built-in networks in many of these places, especially WordPress, but there are also WordPress and Shopify obviously has a very large network. Therefore, you have the ability to get followers or subscribers of the content, someone can say.

So I think this created the idea: “Hey, I can reach more people through digital marketing company. I may not be able to reach this idea on my own platform, because it does not mean that these people have subscribed to my blog. But they are registered on WordPress or Shopify and have hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

There are also SEO benefits here. You have inherited domain permissions. Especially on WordPress and Shopify, these can be very powerful. WordPress is the domain authority 80. Shopify is the 99 domain authority, which is not surprising. Almost every website on the planet links to their WordPress page. Therefore, you can imagine that these pages might do very well in Google’s ranking, and you don’t necessarily have to point out many links so that they rank well. We have already seen this. The media performed quite well in the rankings. Shopify articles do a good job in their niche.

This subdomain means that Google will consider it separately from the main domain name. So you will not inherit the benefits of those rankings. This is really where the middle and WordPress happen. To be honest, the same is true for Google+, and we see that their ranking is also like the media or Shopify.

You can also enjoy the benefits of email digests and subscriptions, which help expand the coverage of your content. For those who have not subscribed to WordPress, they will send a daily summary to everyone who has registered. Therefore, if you are someone who contributes moderate content, you can usually expect that subscribers through WordPress will be able to get your content via email digest. It may even broadcast to a wider group, to people who are not following you but are following them. If they are already “familiar with” your content on WordPress, they will see it. Therefore, you can also get all these network effects through email digests and email subscriptions.

So what are the disadvantages?

This is great. To me, these are compelling reasons to consider using these. But before we go too far, let’s talk about the downward path. In my opinion, these shortcomings prevent me from encouraging certain types of views. I will talk about my best suggestions and my tactical suggestions for using them in a second.

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