Checking Internet speed

When broadband first became very popular, there were only a few options available to consumers, all running at about the same speed, usually about 10 times faster than dial-up. If you want to fast forward 10 years and change, upgrade, or install new broadband equipment in your home, thousands of different options are available. The speeds of these connections range from incredibly basic connections to ultra-fast fiber-optic lines.

Understand broadband speed

Broadband speeds may seem confusing at first, but it’s pretty easy to explain. Bandwidth is measured in “Mbps”. This ranges from 0.5 Mbps (the slow ones aren’t really broadband) to ultra-fast 100 Mbps connections. The higher the Mbps that broadband can support, the faster the download. The quality of what you can stream is higher and more you can do at once on your connection.

For example, a normal mp3 album can be downloaded in about 15 minutes on a 3 Mbps connection, but twice as fast on a 6 Mbps connection.

Optimal speed and actual speed

Of course, calculating the time it takes for an album is not always that simple in real life. The actual speed at which a connection receives is rarely the same as the speed advertised by broadband providers. Depending on the technology used and the distance between your home and the switchboard, the actual speed you can achieve will vary greatly.

Online unifi speed tests can test your connection for you, but don’t forget to turn off all downloads in your home and everyone else’s downloads for them to work properly, Otherwise they will give you the wrong number.

When checking cable companies like unused broadband reviews, cable companies have such a “gap” between the advertised speed and the actual speed that they are using a special type of cable that they are not using. You will notice that there is no. It does not deteriorate with distance.

Speed ​​up

There are many programs that claim to speed up broadband connections, but all you really need to do is optimize the software on your computer, make sure the settings are correct, and get the most out of what you have. .. Actually increase the broadband speed.

The best way to speed up with minimal hassle is to see if your current ISP can offer speed upgrades. In some cases, speed may not be limited by technology or distance from the exchange, but by the packages it contains. This means you can upgrade and receive faster speeds. Please note that almost all providers allow you to upgrade in the middle of your contract. You may consider the upgrade to be the start of a new contract.

Get the most out of your speed

Many ADSL connections are shared between neighbors. This means that connection speeds can drop during peak hours of 5 pm. 10 pm every night. If possible, avoid frequent network use during these hours and schedule downloads during times when low numbers of people are likely, such as after midnight or during business hours. This will give you the best download speed without sacrificing your connection altogether.

Some programs love to download in the background. Virus Checker and Windows Update are the two main programs that do this often, but both have settings that allow you to change the download program to a different date and time. Your use.

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