Choose protecting yourself than waiting for someone to protect you

Peace of mind persists when you know you can protect yourself from accidents. Here an accident does not necessarily mean a car accident or a bike accident, it means protecting yourself from being physically harmed by another individual. For a lot of people physical protection means exercise, well, not truely.

The reassurance that self defense provides you is better than spending thousands of dollars and still unable to acquire mental peace.

Does self defense only point towards women and children?   No!            It is not gender biased. It is for every human being. Defense classes such as karate, boxing, martial arts, etc; such practices not only help you with multiple self defense techniques but has other various roles and provides us with advantages as a whole-

  1. Self defense builds confidence. One of the best feelings is how you feel after taking the self defense classes. Many of us are not confident about our ability to protect ourselves from danger. The feeling of being left out unprotected can affect us mentally and have a great impact in building one’s confidence.
  2. There are instances of people complaining they can’t multi-tasks. The defense classes teach you to focus on two different things at the same time.  Improvement of focus includes improving balance. Controlling your body’s balance along with focusing on your next move teaches balance between two actions. Gaining control over your body and determined focus helps you protect yourself as well as from any physical harm.
  3. Well, we have always heard that discipline lasts long. Discipline is a vital part of the learning process when it comes to self defense. Dedication and motivation comes through discipline. Practicing makes you more focused; personal protection requires focus.
  4. Training and practicing prepares you subconsciously for the adrenaline dump required for you to fight. When someone comes after you, it is the adrenaline dump that would help you fight amongst all other factors. It is your body’s way of responding to a fight and defending yourself from harm. Your reflex actions developed through training will prove to be more successful during a dangerous situation.
  5. Awareness is necessary and a need to protect yourself. Your attacker is with a plan, not you. Self defense classes will make you aware of your surroundings.
  6. The activity revolves around trust and respect. If you do not respect another individual, expecting people to respect you is a vague choice.
  7. The last thing you want is to be pushed into an assiliants van and be helpless. The journey from being attacked and to being pushed into a van is important. You definitely don’t want to end up in an unknown location with strangers around who will not be of help.
  8. Other than all the above advantages, it has a positive influence in your life. The confidence, discipline, respect towards another individual will bring positive energy and boost your moral spirits.

Research has shown exercise helps in keeping a person healthy, why not choose an exercise which can teach you self defense as well.

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