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Nobody likes walking into their kitchen, opening the microwave to heat some frozen food, and finding cockroaches inside. It does not only ruin your appetite but makes you wonder what other places these pests might be present in your house. When you find roaches in your microwave, your first thought may be to remove them. But, using pesticides could ruin it. 

Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of roaches from your kitchen without causing damage to your microwave. The methods are as simple as removing the grease and small food particles inside the machine. Nevertheless, finding pests inside the house is never a good sign. Call Bryan Pest Control today for an inspection. 

How long can cockroaches survive inside a microwave?

One of the most asked questions about roaches being found inside microwaves is how they survive and for how long. There are certain sections of the equipment that stays cool, including the time when you are using it for making or heating food. Not every part of the machine heats up while it is working. Therefore, cockroaches sneak to the parts which stay cool. 

It is quite easy for cockroaches to survive inside the microwave for a long time. Another reason why they survive is that they have very few water molecules inside them. They remain safe during the heating process because there is not enough water in their system to kill them. 

Why do cockroaches target the microwave?

Cockroaches are living organisms, and every living organism has one thing in common: they all need food and water sources to survive. Just like humans target food, cockroaches do the same. When you do not clean your microwave for a long time, little bits of food can accumulate and invite pests like roaches. 

Keeping the kitchen clean, in general, can avoid pests as a whole. Pests have a good sense of smell and will go wherever they smell food. While kitchens give them access to food, bathrooms give them access to water. That is why roaches are also commonly found in bathrooms. 

Steps to get rid of roaches if they live in your microwave 

Fortunately, taking a few simple steps can help you eliminate cockroaches. 

  • Use a diatomaceous earth trap.
  • Deep clean your microwave.
  • Remove them by hand, but be careful not to break parts.
  • If there are fewer roaches, you can remove them using DIY methods. 
  • Look for roaches in other parts of your kitchen.
  • Use bait traps to attract cockroaches and kill them.
  • Sanitize your kitchen every day.
  • Keep your trash cans tightly closed. 


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