It is a misconception that there are no inherent risks or dangers when commercial and industrial doors operate or are in the vicinity of routine use. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Your statement is an integral part of your business. For this reason, it is essential to be familiar with the safety precautions and precautions you and your employees can take to prevent accidents and injuries.

  • Understanding – Industrial and Commercial doors can pose a variety of risks if not adequately understood and maintained. Understand the risks involved for doors and all employees who operate them, and understand how to keep them properly at all times. Business doors may suffer severe injuries due to their size and printing speed. Ensure that potential operators receive proper training and follow clear safety protocols, reducing the risk to both personnel, damage to the building and the door itself, or injury.
  • Always Beware – There are many potential hazards to be aware of when manipulating commercial doors. While it is almost unlikely to eradicate all possibilities of accidents, you can significantly reduce these risks by recognizing them.
  • Do not stand under a moving door – Wait until the door does not move. If the door opens completely wrong, check that nothing was working correctly. Like any mechanical device, the door system can malfunction. There can be no safety features such as sensors, which can cause problems for moving people. Look at the moving doors during operation and make sure there are no obstacles.
  • Alternative Doorway – Do not use an industrial door as the central doorway.  The easiest way to avoid the risk of injury is to use alternative “human resources” or “mandoors.” These access points are generally less risky for an operator or mechanical problems and are safer. This is the best way to avoid injury in an environment with commercial doors.

Regular maintenance of garage doors is a must. Store logs or reports and notify managers or supervisors of commercial or industrial door-related issues or issues. After that, contact a professional who can repair or replace the door as needed. Warrior  Garage Doors Dallas is here to help with questions and safety concerns about garage door roller replacement!


Winters and consequently cold icy conditions can cause many problems with garage door solutions. If the door is noisy and difficult to close or accumulates dirt or dust, here are common problems and potential solutions that must resolve in preparation for the winter season.

  1. Loose or worn components – If snow or ice can accumulate on or around the garage door,  pressure is applied to areas such as moving parts and hinges, such as screws. It can be worn or loosened more easily. It is advisable to observe the door regularly for these types of problems and tighten the hardware that can be affected.

  2. Weatherstrip Abrasion and Accumulation – Weatherstrips, like other garage door materials, are wear-resistant. Generally made of rubber, it can dry out over time. This is more common during winter.

    Weatherstrips also can freeze and adhere to the floor or pavement and make the door demanding to function correctly, further worsening pavement counts and materials. If the door weatherstrip cracks or peels, be sure to fix the problem and replace the snow and ice cold before it gets worse.

    Check around points of contact between weather strips or other components, and make sure no dust and debris could get into melted snow and ice. Without the proper seals provided by the weatherstrip, the repair or replacement of other doors can be time-consuming and costly. To avoid potential headaches, we have these preventive best practices in mind.

  3. Refueling – Finally, it is important enough to refuel your door in winter.  Without proper lubrication, door components can easily cool down and cause unnecessary damage. Refuel when refueling components such as trucks and pulleys, but be careful not to over-fuel.

    Remove excess oil or lubricant as too much can be as harmful as not enough. If you can’t do it yourself, contact a Warrior Garage Door Dallas Technician.

Warrior  Garage Doors Dallas supports preventive maintenance all year round. We invite you to utilize our experienced technicians to solve the problem and provide a long-term solution.

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